Bratislava - have you been, what's it like?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by tubafran, Jul 17, 2007.

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    Off shortly for a Stag weekend in Bratislava (apparently it's the new Prague). Anyone been, what's it like have you got any do's and don'ts or recommended places we could visit. I'm sure they have some very nice cultural activities but I'm thinking more drinking venues than opera houses and theatres.
  2. I went last year on a stag weekend. It's getting there.. and still quite cheap as it has not yet been commercialised as much as Prague has.

    We went with a company that organises stag weekends so did a few activities whilst we were there. There is a couple of good casinos there, one is in the main square and the other is a bit of a walk away.

    We stayed at Hotel Bratislava and to my delight there was a gentlemans club on the first floor which is open till 5 every morning so a good place to go after clubbing...

    There is a night club which is on a boat which is quite good, but it's quite small inside.

    The only thing I noticed is that no one seems to say excuse me if they need to get past as every place we were in people just kept pushing past.. so don't be surprised if this happens...
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    I went before it started to get discovered. It was very very cheap then. The whole centre of the city is pedestrianised and like a mini prague. Foodwise their is a pizza restaurant pretty close to Macdonalds - If you decide to go for a pizza forget it and go upstairts to the main posh restauarnt in Bratislava. I ended up sitting at the next table to the Polish and British Ambassadors who were having a meal, it was a complete hock to have our own personal waiter and wine waiter who will bring you samples of all the wine that they have before choosing a bottle, no prices on the menu (we only ended up in the retaurant as I mistaked the Maitre D downstairs who asked in German if we wanted an evening meal and I said Ya - so instead of being seated in the pizza parlour we were whisked upstairs) anyway the upside was that the top restaurant charged £9 each for 3 courses and 2 bottles of wine. Don't know where your staying but we stayed on the Grazia Botel - next door to the disco boat mentioned above.
    Pubwise - usual Irish Bar, the Slovakian bars were pretty small but cheap. Be warned though - they are cracking down on stag part6ies so don't go wading in any fountains. Didn't really go clubbing whilst their but would recommend Bratislava to anyone. :)
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    Apologies for bad spelling above!!

    I also meant to add that from the airport don't take a taxi - the bus takes you to the city centre for about 50p. Also Vienna is 30 mins away on the train.

    If you are looking for something a wee bit different to do - take a bus out to the city limits where the Moravia meets the Danube. You can look across to Austria then take a walk up the old Iron curtain, the old lookout posts are still their onlt they don't look out at Austria but into the communist east, parts of the old Iron curtain are also still their.

    Hope this helps

  5. tubafran

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    Yep - thanks for the recommendations and advises. Airport to hotel - we've pre-booked a mini-bus which is about £3.00 each so that's not too bad - we'll just have to have one less beer.

    Looking forward to visiting all the churches, castles and monuments (just in case my mates girlfriend's reading this) - if she's not then I think we'll be spending most of our time in bars and clubs etc. Although if we'd thought about it we have a good six piece of brass players - 2 cornets, 1 horn, 1 euph and 2 tubas and could have added to the cultural events in Bratislava.

    Dancing in fountains will not be on the itinerary as some bloke just got 3 months for that - although he was naked and playing his instrument (is that a euphemism?)at the time.
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    Well having now spent the weekend in Bratislava I can thoroughly reccommend is as a place to visit. Despite some warnings before we went it was probably the safest capital city you could every wish to visit. I think we saw a couple of police walking round and a few cars during the evenings. Was expecting to see loads of drunken Brits but non at all - well we may have staggered a little by 4am but it was all very pleasant.

    Friendly people, VERY pretty girls, cheap beer and nice bars and clubs.

    We didn't pre-plan too much of what we were going to do but there are a number of Stag sites that offer weekend events from pub-crawls, mud-wrestling, go-karts and shooting ranges. We rang one on Sunday and had a morning out the next day at a shooting range getting to use a revolver, semi-automatic and hand machine gun. Was all a bit odd sat in a hotel reception discussing guns with the rep and then handing over cash.

    I'd imagine that Thursday to Saturday are the best days to go as by Sunday most bars were closed by 1am other nights stayed open to the morning - as a capital city 3 days is probably enough to see it and it would be nice to go back sometime to see the rest of the country.

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