Brasstastic! 2005

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    Brasstastic! 2005 is a fantastic single day course taking place in Cheltenham this summer on Thursday 18th August 2005. The course will be run by SONAR Brass and is open to all brass and percussion players aged 18 or under.

    The day will consists of band workshops and masterclasses with the relelvant members of SONAR (Alan Morrison, Richard Marshall, Owen Farr, Nick Hudson and Shaun Crowther). It will then culminate in an open concert in the Bacon Theatre featuring what the bands have rehearsed during the day and also SONAR Brass.

    The course costs £15 and an application form can be found at

    Tickets for the concert are available from the Box Office on 01242 258002 at just £5 each (what a bargin to see these top stars!).

    For more information visit the website or phone me on 01242 678669.
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