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    Hi All

    My name is Sarah and with my husband we have set up a new venture in Australia called Brassfeast.

    Basically, the aim of Brassfeast is to organise social events for the brass band community so people can meet and enjoy functions outside of the competition arena. I came up with the idea after we spent a weekend running around at a competition without having any time to catch up with friends in other bands! My husband is MD at Darebin City Brass - Preston Band (an A Grade band in Melbourne) and I play percussion in the band.

    We had our first event on the Easter Monday this year, after the Australian Nationals. The event was "Brassfeast goes Bowling" and a small but enthusiastic group had fun competiting for the three trophies.

    The next event is Brassfeast Murder Mystery on 23rd June and this is already almost a sell out (only a couple of tickets left!). Currently there is over 50 people confirmed! Future plans include another murder mystery event in Sydney in Oct, and Bowling in 2008 plus a few other ideas in the pipeline!

    Hopefully, Brassfeast will be able to organise regular events around Australia for the brass band community. Will certainly keep us busy :)
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    Forgot to add if you would like to read more about Brassfeast and upcoming events etc, visit
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    A big congratualations and thank you Sarah! I am going to the murder mystrey night and I can't wait!

    What you guys are doing for the brass banding movement in Australia promises to be fantastic! Let's all work together to increase our sense of community and start breaking down some of those political barriers that seem to have been built up over the years. Who knows we might even generate some more public interest in our movement! :clap:
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    Hi Sarah, and welcome to tMP :)

    Your project sounds a great idea and anything that promotes contact between bands has got to be a good thing. There have been various such attempts over here, mainly on a fairly local basis, with golfing days and quiz nights having proved quite successful.

    All the best with Brassfeast, and we'll look forward to more contributions from Downunder.

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    Just to update that the murder mystery night is now SOLD OUT!

    Great to see so many brass bandies coming along and it will be a huge night!
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    Had a few people withdraw from the Murder Mystery due to unforeseen circumstances, so if you live in Victoria, Australia and are able to make it to Mebourne, let me know ASAP - we would love to have you come along! Date of the event is Saturday 23rd June, starting time 7pm - tickets AUD$35.
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    The Brassfeast Murder Mystery Night was last Saturday and it was a great success!! We had 47 guests involved, with connections to approx 8 brass bands!!

    It was a night of wheeling, dealing, blackmail, murder and lots of fun!

    Here is a picture of the guests who took part! If you want to see more photos, I am slowly uploading them into the Brassfeast Forum Photo Album (you will need to register to see the photos).


    Our next event is on 26th August - we are holding a private screening of "Brassed Off" at a beautiful theatre in Yarraville, Melbourne. Only 40 tickets available for purchase!
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    Fitzy and I went. It was lots of fun. A big thank you to the whole Brassfeast team!!

    Good luck with all future events.
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    The next Brassfeast event will be a night of fun filled adrenaline!

    Put Saturday 20th October in your diaries for an all action experience that will blow you away!!

    Challange yourself with the ultimate thrill of battle!

    Details are as follows.....

    Saturday 20th October - 6pm

    Crown Entertainment Complex - Southbank, VIC, Australia

    Price: $35 - includes two games of M9 Laser Skirmish (including a themed game) , plus one hour unlimited game play in Galatic Circus. Platters of food will also be served. (Drinks extra)

    Awards will be presented for the best and worst scores!

    Function should finish around 10pm - so you can continue the night at Crown or go into the city!

    Hope to see some country and interstate visiters aswell [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Places are limited so book ASAP. Either pm me or email

    Please note: all guests must be 8 years or older