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    Christmas is almost here, and one of the best things about Christmas is the giving and receiving of cards between all your friends and family.

    This year, Brassfeast is running a Christmas card exchange for the brass band community of Australia and beyond. (if you want to know more about Brassfeast, go to

    If you have never done this before, basically people put their details on a mailing list. You then send a card to everyone on the list, and in return you get a letterbox full of cards from all over Australasia and beyond. It makes checking the mailbox interesting as you don't know what you will find!

    It would be great if your Christmas card had some sort of Brass Band theme - you can even hand make your cards if you have the time and talent.

    Brassfeast may even set up an award for the best card.

    If you are interested in exchanging Christmas cards with your fellow brass band members, email your name, the band you belong to, email address and snail mail details to

    Please be assured that your details will not be posted on any website or used for any promotion. The final list will only be emailed to all those who have elected to take part.

    If you do not wish to use your home address, you can use the Brassfeast mail box as your return address, and we can forward your cards onto you (please note that if you choose this option, you may not receive all your cards before Christmas) Or you could use another address such as your band's mailing address.

    Last date for adding your name is 30th November.

    Get into the Christmas Spirit with Brassfeast!

    (This article is from 4barsrest Downunder -
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    Yay - list has now started!

    Don't forget to email/pm your details if you want to take part!

    Just think how fun it will be receiving cards from people in brass bands, living in places you may never have even heard of before!!
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    No one else interested ?? :icon_sad:

    If you would like to take part, don't forget to get your details to us via email or PM before November 30th.

    Open to all brass band players (and percussionists!) wherever you live!! :icon_biggrin:
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    Less then a week to go to get your name on the Christmas Card Exchange list!


    We have people from VIC & NSW (in Australia) and the UK!

    It would be fantastic to get people from every state of NZ and beyond :wink:

    Will have a prize of a brass band CD (worth approx AUD$30) to the best card so be creative!! Winner will be judged by a voting system!


    So spread some Christmas spirit with Brassfeast !!

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    Its kinda sad that not many people are interested in taking part [​IMG]

    I guess maybe people are too busy to send out some cards, or maybe the cost is a problem? This list isn't very long at the moment so it wouldn't be too bad .....or maybe no one really likes each other enough anymore to send cards [​IMG]

    We love Christmas and enjoy sending and receiving cards, especially from places we may never have heard of, so thought others might too....everything is by email nowadays...its nice to get something via snail mail! [​IMG]

    Cut off date for adding your name is 30th November.

    However, thank you to those who are taking part - you will receive the list on the 1st December!

    Looking forward to seeing the cards [​IMG]
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    List has now been closed off, and emailed out to all participants. If you haven't received the list, let me know ASAP!

    Thank you to all who are taking part!

    Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!


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