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    Dear Band Members

    As a local Design and Production Company with an interest in the brass band community, we are preparing the launch of ‘Brassed On’, a bi-annual magazine.

    ‘Brassed On’ differs from the current list of band publications as it focuses solely on the bands in the Manchester and Cheshire areas. As a result all articles, features and news will be in relation to your local bands and the readership will not only be fellow bandsmen but non playing members and supporters.

    The overall aims of this project are:

    •*To raise the profile and awareness of the brass band achievements in the local area;
    •*Increase exposure and publicity of local brass band events; and,
    •*Keep band members, families, friends and supporters, old and new informed of the news, views and movements in the brass band community.

    In addition one of the key objectives of this magazine is to provide direct contributions to the funds of each band. This will be achieved by donating a percentage of the overall cost of each magazine to the band responsible for the sale.

    What do you need to do?

    If you would like your band to be featured in the magazine we simply need to know what you’ve been up to, what events your planning and any other news you want to share with the Manchester and Cheshire Brass Band Community.

    In addition you may submit any photographs of the band that you would like to be featured with your articles.

    There are no hidden agendas or loop holes, our aim is to encourage the local community to support brass bands in their area.

    The first issue is due for release on 1st December 2005, consequently, your input is required by 31st October. Please log on to our website at to submit your articles.

    I look forward to hearing from you all.

    Yours faithfully

    Karen Howe (Editor) & Ian Moffett (Designer)
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