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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by MissBraz, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. MissBraz

    MissBraz Active Member

    As i am sat here watching Brassed off it reminds me off why i love brass banding. Alot say it is outdated (brass banding) but i think that Brassed off is not outdated and is very true and real! (drinking in bands etc etc)

    But there is alot of chat about things that annoy you in band etc but there must be good things about it which makes us go week after week.

    Brassed off makes me chuckle ( i love floral dance although most of my band doesnt haha)

    But what makes you go to band week after week?

    (this is very random ! Sorry :oops: !)

  2. Robhibberd29

    Robhibberd29 Active Member

    I love playing if that's not too blatantly obvious (!!) and I love to see my friends there. Most of my social life centres around it.
    I also like going to different bands and meeting new friends. Ive met some really great people this year, one in particular.
    I love the tours my band does all over europe and this country.
    It's a way of life for me.
  3. Jack the Baritone King

    Jack the Baritone King Member

    I cant explain it, I suppose its the satisfaction you get at a concert, the excitement of a contest.

    The respect you gain from so many different people, the friends you have are there for life and you know that you can always chat to them. I made my best friend at band and I love her to bits, she's amazing, I know that we will be friends for ever (even in our graves)!! lol:biggrin:

    The fact that you know that you're not just a typical bum wasting away, that you're doing something special with your life.


    but most importantly I think its because no matter how hard your day's gone or how stressed you've been, you can go to band and be yourself, away from everything else!!

    But obviously the pub plays the biggest role :D hehe
  4. MissBraz

    MissBraz Active Member

    You gotta love the pub! Lol!

    But also i love the fact that when you go to contests like pontins or butlins you make so many friends and people just talk to you! I love the fact that everyone is so friendly!
  5. Jack the Baritone King

    Jack the Baritone King Member

    Oh yeah, absolutely and its a shame that there isn't more young people attracted to bands because sooner or later the banding community is probably going to gradually die. thats why I drink so much - i'm depressed lol. Butlins is just superb, the place is flooded by bandsmen and women and you all just get along and have a laugh. im so glad im a bandsman lol

  6. MissBraz

    MissBraz Active Member

    hahaha yeah ok i believe you but millions wouldnt!!
  7. When my daughter started to play at the age of 8 (Camborne Youth Band) i used to be one of the parents who used to sit at the back of the band room and listen,after about 12 months i thought i would give this banding lark a try,i was given a battered old cornet to try and after about 4 months it rapidly turned into a Bb bass.I havnt looked back.My daughter is now 17 (and a great horn player having done all 8 grades with great results) and me well ive played loads of contests with our youth band (adult bass) and also with our B band (inc 2 national finals),what a great hobby actually more than that its become a way of life.I have played concerts with the likes of David Childs,Alan Morrison and Brighouse and Rastrick,Richard Marshall,David Thornton and many other fantastic people,but best of all my fellow bandsman/women. Having also played concerts in Canary Wharf,the grounds of Westminster Abbey and too many other fantastic places to mention,how many hobbys can give you such a feeling as when youve pulled off a great result or given a great concert performance.Since taking up playing my whole family has become involved in one way or another and now three of my daughters play (two in our 4 x national champion youth band and one in the training band) what a fantastic hobby!!!!
  8. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    Brisbane Australia
    It's Great to see you supporting your Kid's . I wish more parents did the same.
    Sounds like your enjoying it to. Great !
  9. hicks

    hicks Member

    Playing great music will never be outdated, and that's what I love about banding - getting together with a bunch of talented musicians to create a wonderful sound.

    Agree with the above comments about getting kids involved in music. Schools these days seem to place less importance on teaching the subject, but that's another discussion.
  10. karen1977

    karen1977 New Member

    I started off playing cornet when my sister asked if I'd go along to a class that was being put on for the parents (my dad already plays) and it's gone on from there including changing instrument.

    I would agree with the sence of satisfaction you get after a concert etc, more so when a stranger comes up to you and say's something like "that was fantastic!!". For me, it doesn't matter if I 'had a bad gig' or played my best show ever, as long as they enjoyed it, job done!

    We also have a lot of fun with the vast age group we have in our senior band (the youngest is 10). There's always someone who comes out with a wize crack and it's normally the kids who have the adults laughing :)
  11. How long have you been playing in a Brass Band?

    The above post got me thinking ...... how long have people on here been playing in brass bands (i.e. what age did you start and what significant non-playing gaps have you had between then and now).

    As I have started the sub-thread on this, here is "my story":-

    I learned to play aged 13 (at school in the days of peripatetic teachers being provided by the Education Dept. of the local council in addition to the 5-day week music teachers based there permanently) and continued playing at Youth Band level only until I left school, aged 17 and then took it up again (as an adult, at 4th Section through to 2nd Section level over a period of 15 years and, for the past 5 or so years in a non-contesting band) when I was 23 and, here I am, 20 years (& 3 bands later!) still doing it, so approx. 30 years in all (or 24 if you discout the six-year gap when I did not play at all) this year, 2008. What a lifelong hobby eh?

    Haven't stuck at anything else I've tried for as long, including work or "significant other" partners!
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2008
  12. Perhaps I should qualify/elaborate ('cos it's relevant if for no other reason <LOL>) ........ I did meet my hubby at a band some 19 years ago and, God willing, we will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary this year so banding can take some/a lot of the credit for that sustainability too I suppose!
  13. flugel_fancy

    flugel_fancy Member

    South Yorkshire

    It's lifestyle for me too. I played in the town band when lived in wales as a teenager but never took it too seriously but when I oto Yorkshire 6 Years ago that soon changed! The banding scene up here is so large and overwhelming that I just got consumed by it and it just takes up every spare minute I have.

    Some might say I take it too seriously now but everyday I am doing something that involves bading whether it be one of a number of rehearsals a week I attend and the practicing (of which I try to get at least an hour a day and a couple more on the weekend) or on the phone chatting about banding or indeed spending a lot of time on here!

    All of my close friends are in bands and I have recently met my new Mr through helping another band ( although we are meant to be keeping that low key, ooops!) so I have a lot to thank banding for!

    My life would be be incredibly empty If it weren't for brass bands!

    ANd that's all I have to say on that :biggrin: :biggrin:

  14. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    West Midlands
    I used to play keyboard and woodwind through school and to be honest I hated playing my cornet but then I got a real passion for it when I went to uni. I love banding because it is a challenge and the sense of teamwork and pride that comes with a good contest performance is ace. I love being part of such a great bunch of people at Leicester co-op and just wished we had more contest weekends away!

    As for Brassed Off - it's good and most people out of banding have seen it too. However, it wasn't until I wanted to use it at school that I realised just how much swearing there is!
  15. Further to my previous post our local organisation is a bit like a musical youth club for all ages.We have our Championship section senior band,then our 2nd section B Band,next is our national champion youth band also our newly formed junior contest band, and finally our begginers band,and i almost forgot our adult begginers/training band. As you can imagine the band rooms (we have 2 halls/buildings) are very vibrant and busy places.Our senior band is preparing for the Yeovil entertainment contest and the areas,our B band for its first outing in the second section (the B band was formed only 7 years ago to help the better young players and even now we only have 6/7 adults playing, the rest are under 18) our youth band are preparing for the music for youth area audition (Exeter area) and the youth finals at RNCM Manchester in April and finally our Junior contest bands 1st contest at the South West Brass Band Assoc contest in Truro (this is for the better junior players, ive heard them and they sound great playing Pennine Moors by Darrol Barry). With this little lot going on the atmosphere is a constant buzz of sound and activity,not to mention sectionals and engagements.We may be way down in Cornwall but the youth banding scene is very vibrant and competitive with many youth and training bands (St Dennis,Mount Charles to name a couple) Our band organisation currently has around 75 youngsters playing and its only lack of money for more instruments that stops us having more,what a great way to keep those youngsters out of trouble (and us adults come to that lol) Take a look at our web site Ta Dave
  16. Cornet Nev.

    Cornet Nev. Member

    For the first original question, most have already said the same reasons why I go to the band twice a week. Put in a nutshell it is just great being a part of it all.
    Now for the history part of it.
    While still at school, (secondary modern) a local brass enthusiast teacher set up what was then called "The Blackburn Schools Brass Band" some time in the early 1960s. I was asked if I wanted to have a go and said yes, and was given a cornet. I was about twelve or thirteen. Unfortunately it didn't last for I found it almost impossible to practice at home because of my mothers hate of music!:(
    I had to leave that band, and then forgot all I had learned.
    Other interests came along, for quite some time I messed around with electronics and radio experimenting, the opposite sex also giving me a bit too much to think about as well. My interests after leaving school wandered off into the world of darkness, (Speleology) again due to a teacher taking a group underground while still at school. After I passed my driving test at the age of 21 I was dedicated to underground exploration, to the extent that I have been in almost every cave and pothole in Yorkshire. I met my now ex wife while following this hobby. After the marital relationship collapsed, I followed another ambition, to drive a steam railway engine, so I joined the Welshpool and Llanfair, a narrow gauge railway in Wales, from then, 1977 till the present day, I moved through the training procedures to become an engine driver, and have been a qualified driver for the last twenty years.
    Around 1999 ish, I met a chap in the local pub and after several weeks, discovered he was chairman at that time of the Blackburn and Darwen second band. Remembering my attempt all those years ago, and now with no restrictions, I decided to try again. I then harassed poor old Mike into finding me an instrument to re-learn on, (A battered old trumpet) and also teaching me the basics. He turned out to be a great friend and teacher and will always feel in his debt for that.
    I had to start again from scratch as I couldn't even remember what valve did what or why, however by the end of 1999, I joined the second band as third cornet, that was when I hit the bottom of what is still a long and steep learning curve, having progressed enough to now being on second cornet.
    Back to the original question, "Why go to practice twice a week?"
    Because it is just too good to not do it.
    All of the above post does gloss over a tremendous amount, but if I were to give more detail of my life and hobbies, plus my work as well, would probably fill the server storage space, never mind make this post the longest in TMPs history.
  17. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    I see that Brassed Off has just started on Freeview 'More4' channel.
  18. RobBari

    RobBari Member

    South Wales
    Just watched the end of it, brilliant!. Markham band played ( and acted) with the Blackwood Little Theatre company last year in a stage production of Brassed Off, it was a great experience and anyone who gets the chance must have a go.
  19. Tracey

    Tracey Member

    Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    Totally agree!! Old Silkstone Band played (and acted) with Seat of the Pants Theatre Company in Barnsley last year! It was a great experience!!
  20. dizzy winslade

    dizzy winslade Member

    Why? I fell in love with banding at 14. My Gramps took me up to GUS - then Rigid Containers Band as I had started music GCSE. There was a lot of talent! I went to listen to every thursday rehearsal, concert and contest I could. I was hooked and I wanted to give others the feeling of power that a big timp part at ff could give you when listening. The adrenalin going through me when either listening to or playing a fantastic piece of brass music with good percussion parts is exhilerating. My 4 1/2 yr old now plays in a training band on perc and loves it too.

    The band world is a family.

    I started playing perc at 18 and I'm now 30. 'Music is my first love and it will be my last'. (John Miles song) :)
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