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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by jim, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. jim

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    Im suprised that the film has never been mentioned yet theres a couple of things I would love to know about the film so if theres any Grimey players out there!

    1-Did the film have any affect on banding in the north such as more people taking up playing attending contests ect

    2-wat ever happened to Shaun Randall who played on the end for that film he seamed a good player but have never heard much of him for many a year
  2. ju33les

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    That film was the cause of me taking up banding again after a few years "retirement"!! I can still remember me and a fellow bandswoman sitting in the dark crying whilst the film was on....sad eh??? :oops:
  3. McChambo

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    I think Shaun packed in playing altogether.

    I hope I'm completely wrong though because he was an excellent player, and a top bloke too.
  4. tromba

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    This fantastic film was on Dutch television again.

    Accidental some Dutch players asked me the same question: What happened with Shaun Randall? Ik know he was principal at that time (Grimethorpe - the making of Brassed Off).

    I must say after that I also never heard anything about Shaun Randall.
    Does anybody know?:-?
  5. tromba

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    Here Shaun Randall Playing in William Tell. Look at the middle of the frontrow: James Shepherd!
  6. x.Gemma.x

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    Gosh I love that film, it's amazing!
    I saw it before I even started playing, so I'm sure it had a kind of subliminal influence when I was picking my instrument!!
  7. squirrel

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    The last I heard on the grapevine, which was quite a few years back, was that he'd had problems with his lip and had to stop playing.

    Mind you, you never know with how many rumour merchants there are in the brass band world....

    Incidentally, Shaun was in my Youth band for a few years, City of Sheffield Youth Brass Band.