Brassed Off Band Hit By Vandalism

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    Not quite to that degree!

    The local pond life around us are quite active, and over the years we have had to block in the windows and put up a high fence.

    We are due to move at some point in the near future as our current site is required for town redevelopment. All of our close neigbours have already moved out leaving us rather open to the vandals.
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    We're very fortunate to have our bandroom on a well-used trading estate that has cctv. Fingers crossed though!
    Ever thought about land mines/trip wires/snipers... Little sods! :mad:
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    We had to move out of our bandroom completely....the vandalism was attrocious...we've had everything from cars having their windscreens smashed, break-ins, ripping the felt off the roof...setting the roof on fire...throwing stuff in the room (bricks, wood, rubbish), while we're the general intimidation.
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    Flame throwers and guided missiles are generally pretty effective...! :biggrin:
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    I don't the band would appreciate you giving the yobs silly ideas like that! ;)
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    We had 2 occasions where local inbreds were throwing stones at the windows and stuff, they didnt come back after the second time, the really didnt bank on being chased up the road by 3 band members in cars trying to run them over, since then we haven't had any problems from them
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    What an excellent idea. Can I join your band? :clap::clap::clap:
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    Careful with this though. we used to have a problem now and again when I played with treherbert. Our 1st Baritone chased them one night 10 minutes later the kids turned up with one of their dads claiming Jeff had given them a clout which wasn;t true cos there was now way he could have caught them in the first place!! Still could have got nasty for him if the kid hadn't backed down.
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    Reminds me of the time we played at a "fete" in stoke-on-trent. I guess it was a bit of a run down area but we were trying to do out bit to make it a good day for them. We got hassled and then egged by some of the local yobs. As far as this thread is concerned I guess this was quite mild, but we felt smaked in the face giving our day up and the little sh1ts doing this. What can you do though, thumping one could get you copped or a good hidding off there 10 mates or parents.
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    Our band club is situatied right next to a pretty lively pub - but to be honest they do stay away from the band club. There as also a row of shops across from the band club, and the only other building (other than houses is the school where I work).

    The only time the club was vandalised was during the setting up before the rehearsal, so you can imagine the suprise of the hooligans when after the windows had been smashed, and three band members and the club steward gave chase, I was able to call out to all three of them by name, who sheelpishly came over when I told them they could either speak to me or the poice. Not had a single problem since - and that was over 4 years ago. :clap: Oh and yes the school contacted the police on my behalf, who went round to the boys houses to speak to them and their parents.

    We now have CCTV in that area of the town - so that is definitely a deterent.
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    we have some reet little sods round our bandroom, one time, in a period between a thursday practise and a Sunday practise, we had SEVEN windows smashed. They were throwing stones at the bandroom last sunday, so a few of us went outside just to check they weren't damaging the cars. Reported it to the police, and they said that they couldn't do anything unless they were caught in the act. Little *********.
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    luckily i work in the school where the stone throwing kids attend, which also gave them a fright because i had a word with the headteacher who called them into her office one by one and gave them a right earwigging for "letting the school down" and the local schools support police office took them aside after that and also gave them a good ear bashing too, since then one of the has actually joined the band through music lessons at the school to, so his "mates" dont bother us anymore.

    The look on there faces when they are stood in the road expecting you to slow down, and you drop a gear and speed up is priceless though.
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    We're quite lucky because our Band room for one, isn't owned by us and two it's well out of the way. Only vandalism we've had was done by a pheasant, smashing through a window and then getting himself stuck inbetween the glass and the mesh infront of the glass lol
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    Our bandroom is situated right next to a council estate. The local youths find it very amusing to smash the door open and throw a bad of rubbish into the bandroom from a nearby wheely bin! This event doesnt happen as the band has put a lock on the door, but still they insist to bang on the door and run away. This became very annoying especially on the run up to the area. The most serious inncodent the band has witnessed was when the chavs tried to break into the bandroom, they couldt get in so they decided to smash one of the windows and run away!

    (btw the band on numerous occasions have gone and chased them ourselves and we have rang the police yet they have done very little about it)