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    Hi Everyone,

    I've been running a brass band music search engine - - for the past 5 years.
    During that time I've built it up to include 40 publishers in the search results with up to 34,000 pieces.

    However I'm sure that there are so many more people out there with magical new original compositions that we could feature.
    I'm looking to add in a self-publishing portal to the site so people can upload their works (PDFs + sample scores/MP3s if they wish) and for me to look after the work of publishing.
    Payments will be taken by PayPal and the works will be delivered electronically. I'll take a small % just to pay for my time and to keep the site up and running.

    I've got my first self-publisher already on there to prove the concept with his wonderful piece "Llyn Tawel" -

    Would many people be interested in this? I'm not looking to step on anyone's toes here, just hoping to help a few people get their works out there. :)

  2. Sounds like a great idea. This should encourage more people to have a go. This is how a minority interest like ours should be arranged. This is about as 'overhead free' as possible.
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    This is definitely a great idea. Adam's fees are much more reasonable than ScoreExchange (who take 50% PLUS VAT). I'm already up there and it is so easy to find who is selling stuff old and new.
  4. adamcable

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