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    In support of Brass Band Aid, a concert will be taking place at the Salvation Army hall, Sheffield Citadel, featuring a specially formed band consisting of some of the finest Salvation Army and contesting players and four superb soloists:

    Kirsty Abbots - Cornet
    Kate Eggleshaw - Horn
    Nick Hudson - Trombone
    Michael Dodds- Euphonium

    The musical director will be Allan Ramsey

    If you would like tickets then please book early to avoid disappointment

    September 16th, 7.00 pm

    Tickets (unreserved seating) £6.00 & £4.00 – Send SAE and cheque/money to:

    The Salvation Army

    Sheffield Citadel
    12 Psalter Lane

    S11 8YN

    Or phone – 0114 2668127
    or email -
    for further information visit

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  2. ISBBBb2

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    I can confirm that on the evening our four soloists will be performing:
    Kirsty Abbots – ‘Debutant ‘
    Kate Eggleshaw – ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’
    Nick Hudson – ‘Langford’s Rhapsody for Trombone’
    Michael Dodds - 'Napoli'
    The Brass4Brass band will be presenting 'Toccata in D minor', Peter Grahams 'Gaelforce' & 'The Last Amen', Les Condons classic 'The Call of the Righteous',as well as music from John Williams and Karl Jenkins and a whole load more!
    Tickets are selling extremely well so please book now to avoid disappointment

  3. ISBBBb2

    ISBBBb2 Member

    As there have ben a number of request regarding directions, map details can be found at

    Tickets are still avilable, please suport this great event!
  4. ISBBBb2

    ISBBBb2 Member

    With less than 4 weeks to go before the concert I can inform you that we are down to less than 100 tickets. Please get yours now to avoid disappointment. With the great line up of players, soloists and music AND with the money raised going towards Brass Band Aid you don want to miss out on this memorable night!

    Email your tickets request to
    or phone - 0114-2668127
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  5. rspencer5855

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    This sounds like a great concert, great line-up, great music and all for a good cause. Can I still buy tickets ?
  6. ISBBBb2

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    You sure can rspencer5855!
    They are available by either sending a SAE to:
    The Salvation Army, 12 Psalter Lane, Sheffield, S11 8YN
    or ringing 0114-2668127
    or you can even book them by emailing!

    Its that easy and at a give away price of £6 & £4 concession, you dont want to miss out!

    Hope to see you there!!
  7. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Has anyone got a link to any posters for this event? I heard about this concert some weeks ago at Darley Dale's rehearsal - I think their conductors playing cornet at the concert.

    Will definately let everyone at Killamarsh and Barnsley know about this one and see if we can sell you a few more tickets.
  8. ISBBBb2

    ISBBBb2 Member

    Poster should be arriving at both Killamarsh and Barnsley bandrooms fran. if not then let me know
  9. rspencer5855

    rspencer5855 New Member

    I have spoken to players from a number of bands now and all of them seem to have tickets.

    With the band that has been assembled, the pieces selected, the expected audience and the charity - Make Poverty History - this evening has all the elements of one oustanding evening of high quality music making.
  10. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    What a fabulous concert this was, 2 hours of great brass band music plus a bit of singing from ISBBBb2 and some dancing too (not ISBBBb2). It was annouced that the evening had raised over £2000 for Brass Band Aid - great work, well done.

    I would think that the audience was mainly people connected with the SA although there was a scattering of players from Carlton Main in the audience, plus Killamarsh of course.

    Not having been to a formal SA concert before was very surprised by the lack of clapping for the devotional items Shekina and Benedictus. The Benedictus item arranged by Andrew Wainwright and Duncan Gibbs was fantastic and really did deserve some audience appreciation however I can understand why a piece like this should end with a thoughtfull silence.
  11. Jonesy

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    Having been in the Army myself, as you suggest, the point is that silence after certain pieces is actually the ultimate appreciation because the music has created such a thoughtful mood. Same goes for pieces like Resurgam - I must admit that I can't bear to hear rapturous applause after the last note disappears. For me, it breaks the whole atmosphere which has been created.

    Glad it was a good night and that so much money was raised :)
  12. Bariman

    Bariman Member

    Any chance of list of those taking part?
  13. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    There was a list of players in the programme - but I've given mine to the Killamarsh conductor - Adrian Wood.

    There were about 9/10 players from Sheffield Citadel and a sprinkling of other Championship section players

    Gary Fountain - Sop
    Kirsty Abbotts - Principal
    Tom Hutchinson
    Matthew Knowles

    ? Rep Cornet
    ? 2nd Cornet
    Roland Spencer - 3rd cornet
    ? 3rd Cornet

    Mark Walters - Flugel
    Kate Eggleshaw - Solo Horn
    ? Horn
    ? Horn

    Michael Dodds - Euph
    Ciaran Young - Euph
    ? Bari
    ? Bari
    Nick Hudson Solo Trom
    Bob Thompson - 2nd Trom
    ? -bass trom

    Ben Dixon - EEb
    ? - EEb
    ? - EEb
    Damien Wileman - BBb
    Ray Sykes - BBb

    Andy Shires - Perc
    ? Perc
    ? Perc

    I'll fill in the gaps when I get the programme back or I'm sure ISBBBb2 can help.
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  14. Chippy_Cornet

    Chippy_Cornet Member

    Gary Fountain - Sop (ISB & Kettering SA)
    Kirsty Abbotts - Principal (Carlton Main Frickley)
    Tom Hutchinson - (Black Dyke)
    Matthew Knowles - (Harlequin Brass)
    Simon Rowney - (Household Troops & Sheffield SA)

    Ben Rapp - Rep Cornet
    Adrian Wileman - 2nd cornet (Sheffield SA)
    Roland Spencer - 3rd cornet (Sheffield SA)
    Adam Robins - 3rd Cornet (Leeds Morley SA)

    Mark Walters - Flugel (Grimethorpe)
    Kate Eggleshaw - Solo Horn (Carlton Main Frickley)
    Adrian Dickinson - 1st Horn (Birmingham SA)
    Gemma Allchin - 1st Horn (Sheffield SA)
    David Wileman - 2nd Horn (Sheffield SA)

    Michael Dodds - Euph (Grimethorpe)
    Ciaran Young - Euph (Carlton Main Frickley)
    Rob Richardson - 1st Bari (YBS)
    Roland Hill - 1st Bari (Sheffield SA)
    Christian Marklew - 2nd Bari (Household Troops & Consett SA)

    Nick Hudson -Solo Trom
    Martin Ryder - 1st Trom (Castleford SA & YBS Concert)
    Alistair Burford - 2nd Trom (Birmingham SA)
    Phil Spencer - Bass trom (Carlton Main Frickley)

    Ben Dixon - EEb (Carlton Main Frickley & Sheffield SA)
    Andrew Piper - EEb (Household Troops & Leicester South SA)
    Neil Beecham - EEb (Malton SA)
    Damien Wileman - BBb (ISB & Sheffield SA)
    Ray Sykes - BBb (Carlton Main Frickley)

    Andy Shires - Perc (Household Troops & Sheffield SA)
    Ashley Durrant - Perc (Black Dyke, Household Troops & Guisborough SA)
    Christian Lewis - Perc (Sheffield SA)
  15. Glad to read how much interest Brass4Brass has gained. On behalf of myself and my brother (ISBBB2), We would like to say a huge thankyou to everyone who supported the concert, both playing members and people who came to listen. We hope to hold another concert next year, so watch this space.
  16. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member


    Outstanding event, even though I was unable to attend, a couple of friends who played in the band have told me what a superb evening it was, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
    In terms of support for BBA, the event has been amazingl, and the moneys raised for the BBA project, well, simply outstanding.
    I am well aware of the significant amount of time, energy and stress! that goes into organising such an event, but as I said to you last week, I bet all of that disappeared once the baton went up for the first number!
    Well done and serious thanks for all who gave up their time and to those that turned out to listen and support both the concert and BBA.
    Bob T
    ps, Have you set a date for next years event!!
  17. ISBBBb2

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    We are hoping to hold it round about the same time as this but we have to check a few dates such as the open and ISB dates but we will let you know! For now myself and my brother are quite content in revelling in the memories of the weekend! Particular hilights have to be the ovation at the end of Call of the righteous, Gary Fountains scremer of a top Z at the end of lightwalk and the beautiful playing from Michael Dodd and Mark Walters in the spine tingling Benedictus from the armed man.

    I agree wholly with the thanks expressed to all those who took part. The soloists were outstanding as you can imagine! Allan Ramseys leadership was superb and the BBb section top drawer (and if you dont agree see Ray!!) :biggrin:

    Look forward to seeing you all at the next one! watch this space!
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  18. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    Did you manage to sell any CD's and Pin Badges....indeed I hope they arrived in time!

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