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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by ploughboy, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. ploughboy

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    How many folk are involved in this so far?

    I've just been reading through the website, what a great idea, fun to pass a Baton from band to band round the country, and use it in a concert.

    A new piece of music has also been commissioned to be performed, seems like quite a well thought out concept to me, lets hope there's enough bands getting behind it.

    As a conductor and percussionist though, I was slightly amazed to read this line on the synopsis to the new piece "The most important part is the drum kit part as this keeps the performance in time" - I'm sure that's the conductors job!!

    Still, who else is taking part??
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    I do indeed (without even clicking the link!) . . however, Are Egham involved Gareth?
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    Would things become clearer if I told you that the composer of the new piece is one Mr P. Lovatt-Cooper?
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    I knew that Jim :) Are we to assume he wrote the synopsis too? Perhaps that's what happens at Dyke - the boys at the back keep everything in time and Dr. Nick just counts them in . . . . ;)
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    TBH, I hadn't heard about it prior to your post. I'll mention it to the Band Sec. at tonight's rehearsal.
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    I wonder how many bands are in the same boat? more communication needed. . .
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    I'm sure you'll find percussionists make the best conductors ;)
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    OK, lets wire one up to the mains and find out.... ;)
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    Nope, but the more bands that get involved the less distance there will be. . . I'm sure the organisers are trying to organise the routes so it's easiest for everyone. We;ve been allocated the Black baton and if you look at the other members in our group (sadly only 5 so far) they're all Yorkshire ish bands. . .