Brass Quintet/Octet in West Yorkshire

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    I am looking to form a Brass Quintet/Sextet/Octet with a view to playing at Dinners/Functions/Weddings etc. I am looking for trumpet or cornets players, french horn/tenor horn, trombones(perhaps doubling on euphonium) and tuba.

    Will be playing a wide selection of music.

    If interested please pm me or email me (

    Thank you for looking.

    Bass Trombone-Yorkshire Wind Orchestra/Clifton Trombone Choir/LDO
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    if you are free on monday nights The West Yorkshire Fire band are looking for troms. look us up.
    we have
    concert band
    marching band
    brass / woodwind / sax groups
    and soon to be starting a dance band.

    we are at Birkenshaw.
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    Thank you for your reply, I play on Monday Evenings with the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra.

    With best wishes and good luck your search fot trombone players.

    Bass Trombone-Yorkshire Wind Orchestra/Clifton Trombone Choir/LDO
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    Proposed Brass Group Based in West Yorkshire

    We have had several replies expresing an interest in the group. However we would particularly be interested with replies from trumpet /cornet players and trombone players.
    Looking for grade eight standard of playing.

    All enquiries welcome.

    Please pm or email (
    thank you

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    West Yorkshire Brass Group

    I am currently looking for several players in Yorkshire/Lancashire to complete our pool of players for our Brass ensemble.
    we are especially looking for a couple of trumpet players plus french horn and possibly a trombonist.

    Please pm me or for further details etc.

    Thank you for looking.

    Please pm or e-mail me (

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    Our band has a quintet/septet that performs several times throughout the year (e.g. last year we played out five times as it was our first year).

    If you don't mind my asking...where are you getting your music from...I find it very difficult to find any music for brass groups greater than 5, but less than 10.
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    Mnozil Brass sell their own arrangements for 7-piece brass ensemble.

    Also the Salvation Army in New York publish music for brass sextet.
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    The above group is now up and running , however we still require a regular French Horn & Trumpet player to complete our line up.
    We rehearse on Thursday Evening once a month at The Community Centre in Methley ( near Castleford/Leeds and wakefield plus the M62).
    If interested please pm me or email me ( or phone me on 01422 369847.
    Our next rehearsal is Thursday 8th May at 8pm prompt.
    Other interested muscians please contact me also.
    Thank you for your interest.

    trombo (Steve Ford)
    Bass Trombone (Yorkshire Wind Orchestra/brassmattaz/LDO)
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    We are still looking for the services of a Trumpet player, French Horn and Tenor Trombone to complete our line up.

    Please pm or e-mail ( for further details.

    Apply in strict confidence.

    Our next rehearsal will be in the June/July Period.