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  1. Deltabrass

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    I was wondering if anyone can help me please? I play in a brass quintet and we have lots of traditional chamber music and the like in our repertoire. We're looking to expand our range of pieces with some big band style items and more modern music. Does anyone know a good place to find this? (I know of the ususal suspects,, etc) Is there a well hidden website that does super (and ideally not too expensive) arrangements?

    Might also need to say that we are a 'brass band' quintet in that our Horn player is a tenor horn and our bass player is Bb.

    Any information gratefully received. :D
  2. TheMusicCompany

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    Hi Chris,

    The Music Compay currently offer a selection of Quintets which may be of interest to you.

    A majority of them are arranged by Andrew Duncan from his days in the Halle Orchestra and their brass quintet 'Halle Brass'. So, some of them 'push the boundaries' a little on the technical front!

    Whilst these are generally available for symphonic quintet instrumentation, we'd be able to expand this to include the necessary brass band quintet equivalents for you, given enough lead time.

    We've also recently released a beautiful and more gentle quintet arranged by Steve Drury of 'Summer' from TV's 'A Victorian Kitchen Garden'. I heard it played by his quintet at a wedding and it was the only piece all the guests stopped and listened to ... definitely has the 'aaaahhhhh-factor'.

    We may also have a few more in the pipeline which are more on the lines of easy listening/Cole Porter type titles, but am unable to confirm these at present.

    Hope this helps.

    The Music Company
    Tel: 08700 636 796
  3. mikelyons

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    If you search for my name on sibmus, you'll find a couple of my brass quintet pieces. I promise you they are really good! :)
  4. BrianT

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    IMO one of the best brass quintets ever is Vitrail by Georges DeLerue published by Billaudot.

    From what I remember, Vitrail "Stained Glass" is the quintet version of the incidental music DeLerue wrote for the BBC drama The Borgias. So think of a modern take on the church music of the time. Wonderful stuff.

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