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  1. Mid-wales is quite a touristy part of the world, with lots of biggish hotels, jammed with tourists in the summer. So I have a devious plan which involves both entertaining said patrons, and at the same time, extracting money from them. I want to form a small ensemble to play in the hotel bars.

    Players are scarce here, so I'm thinking about 2 cornets, a bari and a euph. Or maybe 2 cornets, a flugel and a trom. It has to be light and portable, so we can just turn up with music stands and play.

    I'm also not sure how / where to get music. Is there some I can (legally) download from the internet?

    Any other thoughts? Has anyone done something similar, and can regale me with tales of wild adventure?
  2. ok, if no one has done this before... here is an easier question :)

    Is there a list of tunes somewhere, which are available in the public domain and don't require permission or fees? I can write my own arrangements. eg. Amazing Grace?
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    Before you go to the trouble of arranging music etc, may I suggest that it might be worthwhile making sure you have permission to play at some of these 'touristy' venues, or have aquired the correct performing licences otherwise you could be creating yourself a lot of work for nothing.

  4. Naturally, Roger. Ideally, the hotels will pay us to stand in a corner in the evening, adding some culture to their establishment ;) But if I ring them and they say "what can you do?", or "do you have a sample of your music?", I would like to present them with something. I've done it before with a rock band, playing in pubs, and they usually like to listen to something before agreeing to it.

    If the hotels won't have us, I'll ask the council if we can busk on the pavement. If that doesn't work out, I'll get hold of some jazzy pieces and aim for the pubs. I think we'd be able to play somewhere. But first, we need music, man.
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    Try here, they're not free but cheap and the couple I've used, Quintet [tpt, tpt, fr hrn, trm and tuba] have been pretty good.
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    Also try sibelius website for plenty of downloads
  8. Those are good links, thanks. I've found lots more through those, and the music shouldn't be a problem now.
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    Yep, I will add the free scores link to the tMP Library category.