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  1. Does anyone now where i can get brass quartet music from, cornet,euph,horn,BBb Bass

    i can find plenty of quintet stuff but hardly any quartet stuff
  2. euphojim

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    I have never come across any published music for that combination other than very basic four part harmony tune books. Sounds like you will need your own composer/arranger.

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  4. mikelyons

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    I have done quite a few quartet arrangements. If you want BBb rather than Eb bass copies, email or pm me.

    Some of my ensemble stuff is published by Devilish Music Publishing. I'm sure they could be persuaded to do a BB instead of Eb copy.
  5. Hells Bones

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    there are plenty of scores for uncommon instrumentations on there.

    Or look for quartets that use,
    Trumpet/F Horn(transpose it)/Trombone/Tuba
    This is much more common and easier to find

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Have a look at June Emerson catalog.

    Also years ago Thorsby did a Keith Wardle composition (Con Brio) for Sop, Flugel, Trom & Euph.. In fact thay won Quartet Champs with it.. That may transcribe OK ?
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    you could try

    he arranges for brass quartet but gives you lots of different parts for each of 4 voices:
    1. 1st Trumpet in Bb
    2. 2nd Trumpet in Bb
      Horn in F
      Horn in Eb
    3. Trombone (bass clef)
      Horn in F
      Horn in Eb
    4. Tuba in C (bass clef)
      Bass Trombone
      Bass in Eb (treble clef)
      Bass in Bb (treble clef)
      Four-part score
    From what I remember all are downloadable (at a minimal cost) and then you can print them as many times as you like. There are some easy ones and some which are more difficult though sometimes the keys are a bit tricky - think we tried Peer Gynt which from memory had 5 sharps in it for me on Horn.

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