Brass Players Moving to the Nottingham Universities?

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by blakeyboy, Aug 11, 2008.

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    As the ALevel results are looming heavily on the horizon I ask the question...

    'After thinking through and making the difficult decision on which University you wish to atttend; have you considered which band to join?'

    Every year Newstead Brass welcomes in students that are without a band as they move to further their education in the Nottinghamshire area and always seek to provide transport where needed to and from rehearsals, concerts and contests.

    We are a band that are committed to nuturing players and welcome people that wish to continue to play at a high standard whilst at University in Nottingham.

    This is not an advertisment for players, but an invitiation for students who, whilst committing to their studies, want to let off a bit of steam outside University life and continue to keep up their standard of playing.

    If you want to know more drop me a pm or you can email me on or even add me on facebook if you please and we can have a natter about it.

    All enquiries are welcome.


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