Brass players aged 18-35 with normal hearing needed for hearing research

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    Research has shown that noise exposure may cause underlying damage which is not detected using conventional hearing tests. This study is designed to investigate underlying damage in noise exposed individuals with ‘normal’ hearing.
    The study requires participants with and without significant weekly noise exposure so that the results can be compared across the two groups. You would be asked to attend one 45 minute session in which you will perform a short hearing test and then be asked to differentiate tones played over headphones. You will then have some sounds played into your ear via an earpiece which will automatically record a response. You may also be asked to wear a noise monitoring badge for around 3 hours and keep a brief diary of your activities, but this is an optional extra.
    To take part you must be aged between 18 and 35 years and play a brass instrument for at least 12 hours per week, and play in an orchestra or band regularly.
    You cannot take part if you wear hearing aids or have been diagnosed with a hearing loss.
    You will be paid £7.50 for your participation and an additional £5 if you choose to participate in the sound level measurements.

    Contact details:
    Contact: Dr Kathryn Hopkins
    Telephone: 01612 757127