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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MrsDoyle, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. MrsDoyle

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    There's a lovely new music supplies shop here in sunny Wrexham that you might like to visit. I popped in today for a quick look and came out with two discount bottles of Denis Wick Advanced valve oil and a Trevor James silver cloth - all for £11.50 ish!

    I thought I had to pass the details on to all the local bandsmen - County Music Supplies is on Charles Street, 01978 357722 according to my leaflet. I have no part in the company but I must say I was impressed. The shop workers were friendly brass specialists, and I had a nice chat with them, a trombonist and a bass player from Wrexham Brass.

    Their brass section is actually quite impressive - slide grease, chromatic tuners, valve oils, polishing cloths, books of solos, cornet mutes (they assure me others are on order) and Denis Wick and Vincent Bach mouthpieces.

    This place must be good because I actually parted with some money there! Those of you who know me will know I am of an Arkwright disposition ("G-g-granville! Fetch yer cloth!").

    Thanks for reading this long and rambling post, but, seriously, do pop in if you're of a brassy disposition or even give them a ring if you're not sure.
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    Ooooooh...! Got a couple of days off during the hols (not like teachers who have all of the hols..;)) so might just pop in and part with some hard-earned dosh (that was not a dig at teachers that one!). Do they sell sheet music too? Usually go to York or Manchester, but fancy a change! :p
  3. MrsDoyle

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    They do sell some sheet music - from what they've said it's quite a lucrative part of the business!
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    OMG...! :wow The thought of spending money sends me all a quiver...! Don't try and stop me - nothing you or anyone else says can get in the way of a woman on a spending spree...! :woo
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    I read the title of the post and thought you had found a desert island with a naked Angelina Jolie and enough draught beer to last a lifetime!!!!!!.......what a let down..
  6. MrsDoyle

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    lol :clap:

    If it's any more convenient for a quick spree jockinafrock, they also have a shop in Shrewsbury, I hear.
  7. jockinafrock

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    'Shrewsbury here I come...! '