Brass on TV? Simon Cowell judging Brass Band Idol

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    I found the following in an entry on the following blog:

    It is aimed at the organisers of BRASS in Durham but I thought might be a fun one to think about here!

    Now here is a challenge for Neil and Rob.

    Is there a chance of organising a competition for bands (of all types) to see who can perform a set tune in the most entertaining way.
    This could be marked for originality, quality of playing and entertainment value using a judge from the traditional Brass world one of the members of Mnozil and someone like SIMON COWELL!


    I dare you!


    Well sounds like it's from a non bander to me but it creates an interesting train of thought as to what would you see as the ideal Brass tv series?

    One that would raise the profile of Brass and give it a buzz to help it attract and keep new young players?

    Thinking about the BRASS festival in Durham maybe as a showcase or testing ground for an idea.

    Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling!

    Maybe the young Blood Brass Band working with a british youth band?

    Or the Jaipur Kawa Band/Boban Markovic working with a brass band in the brass band heart-land of County Durham? Looking at how brass brings cultures together

    Pop Band/Rock Star works with a band where the pop band/rock star has to work with the brass band to create a hit tune, thus getting brass on Radio 1! (without Terry Wogan, thank you very much!)

    Over to you!

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    also get 2 brass band adjudicators to judge there comments from your bands performance.
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    Are you going to ask Stephen Tighe to judge entertainment??!!! (reference to Action Research Contest!)