Brass on the Grass & Whit-Friday Presentation Night

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  1. Ali

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    To begin Dobcross Silver band's 130th birthday celebrations, the band will be performing at "Brass on the Grass". This is a free concert, to be held at Church Fields (the famous home of the Dobcrss Whit-Friday contest) and it starts at 14:00. We would like to see you come along and bring a picnic. And then in the evening the Dobcross Silver Band will be appearing at the Henry Livings Memorial Concert incorperating the Dobcross Whit Friday Prize Presentaion( Dobcross Band Club). The doors open at 19:00.
  2. MickM

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    Hi Alan!

    Give us a clue! What's the date?
  3. tubafran

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    According to the Dobcross website it's this Sunday 19th June
  4. Ali

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    Good point! The concert is this Sunday (19th) of June and it starts at 14:00. The evening concert begins at 20:00.
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    How's about adding it to the tMP Calendar then Ali?

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