Brass on Sunday Gala Concert, Symphony Hall, 18/9/05

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  1. PeterBale

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    As I couldn't recall any announcement regarding the Sunday concert following the Open, I've just checked the Symphony Hall website. The bands attending are as follows:

    Brass on Sundays Gala Concert

    This gala concert features some superb brass music from world-class bands. The concert line-up features the Black Dyke Band conducted by Nicholas Childs; the Foden’s Richardson Band (British Open Champions 2004) conducted by Gary Cutt and Bramwell Tovey; The Band of Central Florida (North American Brass Band Champions 2005) conducted by Michael Garassi and The Buy-As-You-View Band (Welsh Champions 2005) conducted by Robert Childs.

    The link for tickets is here:
  2. Hornblower RN

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    Yes I found this out after I had booked my tickets and hotel for the Saturday...a bit of a cockup by the contest/concert marketing guys don't you think? It was a great afternoon last year and I would think that the Americans will put on a great entertainment concert for us.
  3. davidsait

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    This is always one of my favourite concerts of the year. 4 bands, about 45 minutes each I think. An absolute bargain. And they also don't just play their standard concert programme - each set seems to have a something a little special in it, a premiere or a major work for example.

    I'll be there at this one.

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