Brass on BBC Radio 3, Monday 3rdMay

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    Radio 3, Monday 3rd May, 10.15pm, Late Junction. Features the Royal Scottish Academy Brass and PJBE (the latter suggests that some of the programme will be recorded, of course).

    A red letter day indeed.
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    what frequency is that on?
  3. 90-93 FM
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    My original post (above) may have led some readers to believe that Radio 3 was to broadcast some substantial brass music. Descriptions in the listings which said "the best in brass music from the Scottish Academy Brass and the PJBE" may have led readers to infer that we were about to be treated to an hour and three-quarters of, er, the best in brass music, and nothing but.

    I now accept that what "the best in brass music" actually means is about ten to fifteen minutes of brass music taken from CDs up to 25 years old, with the remaining hour (I gave up at half past eleven, I'm afraid) consisting of various items of a non-brass nature - all very nice, of course, but not brass as advertised.

    The controller of Radio 3 has obviously taken note of the complaints he received earlier this year about the absence of the BBC at the RNCM Festival and popped a few bits of token brass into the schedule, not expecting anyone to actually be listening to Late Junction. As few people ever listen to the programme, it was an entirely reasonable assumption to make.

    Please accept my apologies and ignore any future posting I might make about forthcoming brass on Radio 3. :(

    Red letter day my a**e :!:


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