Brass Night at The Proms

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    Audley Brass in Concert with Tenor Philip Cartwright and Mezzo Soprano Helen Young in Alsager Civic Centre.
    Saturday 6th November 7.30PM.
    Tickets £4, £3 Concessions, £1 Children under16 accompanied by an adult.
    Contact Kevin Birch for Tickets at 01270 760778 or email


    Liberty Fanfare
    Semper Fidelis
    Overture Napolean
    Killing Me Softley Trombone Solo Chris Thompson

    Philip Cartwright and Helen Young.

    Berne Patrol
    Russalkas Song to The Moon Cornet Solo Keith Hilton
    Shepherds Hey
    Love Unknown
    Finale From New World Symphony


    The Dam Busters
    English Folk Song Suite
    Rule Brittania with Guests
    Pomp and Circumstance No.1
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