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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Frontman, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    I have today completed a full inventory at my band to find, that following the disbanding of the Boarshurst Youth Band, several instruments are missing.
    I feel that we cannot be the only band which is missing instruments and as a result I am considering launching an official missing instrument web site.

    However, I distictly recall when I was in the Greater Manchester Police, that the Lancashire Constabulary started a stolen instrument data base, can anyone tell me whether this still exists before I start the site?

    Anyway, we are missing following instruments, if anyone can help:-

    Courtois Trombone. Model 420BRV serial number 30241.
    Blessing Bb Cornet. Serial number 517269
    Blessing Bb Cornet. Serial number 495450
    Blessing Bb Cornet. Serial number 496249
    Blessing Bb Cornet. Serial number 480607
    Blessing Bb Cornet. Serial number 495071

    Any feedback regarding this idea, and the subject items you would wish to included will be very welcome.
  2. TrumpetNick

    TrumpetNick Member

  3. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    As a MU menber I am aware , however I feel that a website could be useful. What you lot think????
  4. a very flat b

    a very flat b Member

    There is a place for a database, but only if the instrument is stolen, and then it is 'moved on' to someone who is on the ball and checks the list.

    What I am struggling with, and I'm not pointing at David or Boarshurst, is why when instruments are so expensive do bands not keep records of who, when, and where an instrument has be loaned to?
    In my experience I've only ever had to sign for an instrument once.
  5. TrumpetNick

    TrumpetNick Member

    I guess that bad bookkeeping and working on mutual trust would be the answer.
  6. Andy Tasker

    Andy Tasker Member

    Excellent Idea

    I think Dave has highlighted an 'expensive' weakness in musical groups in general, let alone Brass Bands.

    I personally think that a central point (Website) for advertising/reporting missing or stolen instruments or equipment is a sterling idea :tup

    Perhaps even a section could include requests for the loan of unusual instruments or percussion equipment etc

    So I say go for it Dave

  7. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    Thanks for the feedback and a special thanks to Andy for your kind words of support to the idea.

    I will make the necessary enquiries with the Insurance Companies and the Police regarding input from them.

    I will post the information on this site when the website goes live.

    Thanks once again.
  8. TrumpetNick

    TrumpetNick Member

    I don't think that yet another stolen database is necessary. But missing instruments and loan seem like a good idea.
  9. a very flat b

    a very flat b Member

    I really want to be constructive, because I know it's a problem.

    But I suspect the Police will be only intrested in this if the instrument is (reported) stolen. Where do you draw the line between someone who just hasn't bothered to return little Freddy's instrument because he discover all the other things he can do. Rather than those who have made a distinct descision to relieve a band of an instrument? Even once this has been decided it is the fasion now to go for 'conspiracy to' rather than 'theft'. Consiracy doesn't require physical evidence, so whilst there is a chace of procecusion you are unlikely to see the instrument again.

    Insurance companies will question what you did to reasonably protect their risk, which is back to my previous post.

    I do support your idea and importantly I also would like to think that both the Police and insurance companies will be supportive. Be aware you could also expose bands to a risk that they will pay more for insurance if they loan instruments without a proven tracking and recovery system.
  10. Cornet Nev.

    Cornet Nev. Member

    All very interesting, especially that insurance companies may in the future ask for some form of tracking documentation from bands regarding the band owned instruments. That may also come into the equation regarding player owned instruments when the insurance is covering them too.
    A well risen point and may well soon become very relevant.
    Therefore a website of "Missing" instruments could well be useful to say the least.
  11. halsasaurus

    halsasaurus Member

    We appear to have the same problems at Besses. The records are incomplete though which makes it difficult to qualify.
    God knows where all the missing stage jackets are and why anyone would want to keep them though. Replacing these is a big expence that we could do without.

  12. a very flat b

    a very flat b Member

    Sounds like there is an expanding need!
    I'm not a web site coding expert, but I'd be happy to offer support and assistance. :clap:

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