Brass in the Park - Newtongrange

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    Does anyone know the results of Saturdays marching & march/hymn competition?
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    These are in draw order rather than points awarded. Sorry about that. They were supplied to me in spreadsheet format wich doesn't translate well to the web without a bit of work.

    Brass In The Park - Combined Results 2008

    Youth Band - Novice Section

    1,Newtongrange Junior Band,G0LD
    2,Dunfermline Youth Band,BRONZE
    3,Kingdom Brass Youth Band,BRONZE
    4,Peebles Junior Band,GOLD
    5,Buckhaven Brass Beginnings,SILVER,Cornet Medal
    6,Loanhead Brass Roots,GOLD,WINNER
    7,Broxburn & Livingston Brass Band,W/D
    8,Levern Valley Community Brass,SILVER
    9,Langholm Junior Band,SILVER

    Youth Band - Development Section

    1,St Ronan's Future Band,BRONZE
    2,Turriff Youth Band,SILVER
    3,Jedforest Junior Band,GOLD
    4,Langholm Junior Band,BRONZE
    5,Campbeltown Junior Brass,GOLD,WINNER,Trombone Medal

    Open Marching & Deportment
    1,Croy Silver,35
    2,Sanquhar & District Silver,35
    3,Abbey Brass (Jedforest),32
    4,Dundee Instrumental ( St.Margaret's),32
    5,Shotts St Patrick's Brass,40,3
    6,Langholm Town,41,2
    7,Jedforest Instrumental,35
    8,Clydebank Burgh,W/D
    9,Barrhead Burgh,36,5
    10,Peebles Burgh Silver,42,1
    11,Broxburn & Livingston,39,4

    Open March & Hymn Tune Contest
    1,Sanquhar & District Silver,NC,80,13
    2,Abbey Brass ( Jedforest),NC,W/D,W/D
    3,Clydebank Burgh,2,W/D,W/D
    4,Shotts St Patrick's Brass,2,88,6
    5,Langholm Town,NC,82,12,NC Band
    6,Dundee Instrumental ( St Margaret's),3,83,11
    7,Mactaggart Scott Loanhead,3,84,10
    8,Broxburn & Livingston,1,91,3,1st Sect
    9,Peebles Burgh Silver,3,85,9,3rd Sect
    10,Jedforest Instrumental,2,90,4,2nd Sect
    13,Dalmellington,CH,93,2,Euph Medal
    14,Croy Silver,0.02,2,86,8
    15,Barrhead Burgh,1,89,5
    16,East Coast Brass,87,7,JS Trophy

    Youth Bands - Senior Section
    1,East Lothian Schools,Bronze
    2,Mactaggart Scott Loanhead Youth,Gold,Winners
    3,Dalmellington Junior Band,Silver,Horn Medal