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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Harold.Wells, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Harold.Wells

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    This weekend saw the 11th annual Brass in the Park event at Newtongrange. The format of the Contest was changed this year from a March, Hymn Tune and Solo performance, to a "Whit-type" March Contest (with only a very short march-on to be carried out :sup !)

    Can anyone give some feedback/suggestions - we at Newtongrange felt that it was a good move, producing a friendly, sociable day's contesting - what did you, the spectators/contestants think?

    Many thanks
  2. The Referee

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    This was my 3rd visit (as a spectator) to Brass in the Park. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert given by Newtongrange on the Friday night - what a great sound the band's got! Amazing to think that the band was near to folding not that long ago - some really good corner men there - best of luck for the future!
    The other event that I attended was the contest on Saturday. I liked the change to the March contest - it provided a good day of relaxed entertainment. I sat and listened to all of the bands in the park (and the last round in the main tent) - never made it to the other venue, but by the sound of things, not many people did?
    Whitburn played really well and, not surprisingly, walked the contest. Why were there not any other Championship Section bands there? Surely the others can play marches too?
    Well done to the organisers for another great event - will definitely be there again next year, as, I hope, many other bands will be too!

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