Brass In the Park 2005

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  1. Young Virtuoso

    Young Virtuoso New Member

    Dalmellington Band win Brass in the Park 2005!!! Well done to all of them. Also well done to everyone who competed!!!
  2. B'aht a band

    B'aht a band Member

    Well done Dalmellington! It is a great event and thoroughly well-run....

    No doubt United Co-op Yorks will be back next year to reclaim their crown :oops:

  3. Craigsav83

    Craigsav83 Active Member

    Congratulations to Dalmellington (my first band :) ) on winning Brass in the Park. Does anyone have the full results? Ta
  4. bruceg

    bruceg Active Member

    I don't have the point scores and the full breakdown but here are all of the prize winners:

    Open March & Hymn Tune Contest

    Adjudicator: Allan Ramsay

    1st: Dalmellington
    2nd: Johnstone Band
    3rd: Barrhead Burgh

    2nd Section: Jedforest Instrumental
    3rd Section: MacTaggart Scott Loanhead Silver
    4th Section: Abbey Brass (Jedforest)

    Best Non-contesting Band: Sanquhar & District

    Highest Placed Youth Band: Campbelltown Brass

    Solo Contests

    Adjudicator: Alex Kerwin

    Best Junior Soloist: Euphonium, Broxburn & Livingston

    Best Senior Soloist: Trombone, Dalmellington

    Development Section

    Adjudicator: Iain Davey

    Bronze Award: Broxburn & Livingston Juniors
    Silver Award: Langholm Juniors
    Gold Award: Loanhead Brass Roots
    Gold Award: Turriff Youth Band
    Gold Award: St Ronans Future Band

    Overall Winner: Loanhead Brass Roots

    Best Instrumentalist: Cornet, St Ronans Future Band
  5. aqua76

    aqua76 Member

    Apparently we also won the March contest?!?

    Didnt know there was one, but we got a trophy for it.

    This means we are going to have to finish out trophy cabinet in new band hall quicker than expected :)

    Cracking day out though - was my first time at Brass in the Park!!

    Thanks to Newtongrange for all their hard work organising it.

    Dalmellington Band
  6. Souter

    Souter Member

    Full Result Anyone?

    Does anyone have the full placings? Very interested to see them as I disagreed with a few of the winning sectin bands.
  7. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    The open contest results are on the results page of the SBBA website. I'm still working on the development section and individual prizes. For what it's worth I think Mr Ramsay called it spot on. From what I heard the hardest to separate was Jedforest and St Ronans in the 2nd section with Jed getting the nod by a single point. Maybe a shift in power in the Borders towards Jedforest given their results in last years SBBBA, this years Scottish and yesterday. The borders association can be proud that they have two such competitve bands down there, not to mention the other bands who are equally as good. Will certainly make for an interesting Borders Entertainment Contest this year. I will watch with interest unless of course someone wants to guest an Eb Bass. :)
  8. aqua76

    aqua76 Member

    Full placings list from yesterday :

    1. Dalmellington Archie Hutchison 1 24 94
    2. Johnstone Silver Gavin Lindsay 1 18 93
    3. Barrhead Burgh Brian Keachie 1 27 92
    4. Broxburn & Livingston Mark Bell 1 7 90
    5. Jedforest Instrumental Alan Fernie 2 6 89
    6. St Ronans Silver David McLeod 2 9 88
    7. Clydebank Burgh Alan Duguid 2 2 87
    8. MacTaggart Scott Loanhead Alan Fernie 3 21 86
    9. Campbeltown Brass Craig Anderson 3 17 85
    10. Lochgelly Brian Paterson 2 4 84
    11. Abbey Brass (Jedforest) Cameron Mabon 4 1 83
    12. Shotts St Patricks Brass Alan Duguid 3 20 82
    13. Queensferry Community Brass James Anderson 4 23 81
    14. Peebles Burgh Silver Iain Fleming 3 19 80
    15. Sanquar and District Jim Love NC 3 78
    16. CIS Youth Concert Brass Craig Anderson NC 11 77
  9. eckyboy

    eckyboy Member

    Well done Dalmelington.
    I take it all the junior bands were playing in with the senior bands as I noticed Barrhead were drawn 27th but only 16 placings?
  10. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    What do the numbers mean after the band name? Is it the section, draw and overall score?
  11. floral_dance

    floral_dance Member

    section, draw, score
  12. BbBill

    BbBill Supporting Member

    Yeah the developmant bands were in the middle, but there was also a few withdrawls.

    Another great and enjoyable weekend out, good craic, good weather and a good contest with quite a few vodkas! :tup

    And another weekend (2 in a row!) where I was playing EEb and BBb bass in different bands, thanks to CIS for letting me dep with them! Its great to have a contest with the development bands in there also, afterall they are the future of banding, hopefully we'll take our Junior band next year and let them run riot on the bouncy castles!!

    Tho, when are they going to change the massed band pieces...


    Thought that I would drop a small post to say a big WELL DONE to all the bands, especially those in the development section.

    I teach with turriff youth band who are all over the moon to have received a gold medal for their efforts. They played out of their skins on the day. This was their first contest experience and it went down a treat! Hopefully they will have been bitten by the bug and I will get a good turnout to the rehearsal tonight;-)


    BBbBass, EEb Bass, Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone

    What do you want me to play!!!!!
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  14. Kerwintootle

    Kerwintootle Member

    Well done to all who competed and were involved at Brass in the Park 2005.

    i had a fantastic weekend, it was very hard to leave Scotland yesterday it brought a wee tear to my eye.

    Inbetween Saturday night and Sunday morning someone stole my voice whilst at Andy and Lyndsay Smith's house. If anyone finds it could they pop it in an envelope and send it to Huddersfield. It has sentimental value. Only kidding! Must have been all the singing along with the Co-op live recordings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, I'm waffling now. Had a great time and it was fantastic to catch up with all my old friends.

    See ya soon,

  15. sazo

    sazo New Member

    Well done to all the bands and thanks to Newtongrange for a cracking day out! First time at Brass in the Park and looking forward to more.

    For the record, on the day, Chris Bradley conducted Barrhead and has done since April.
  16. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Sorry - I've corrected that now.
  17. Dave Jaybee

    Dave Jaybee New Member

    Ahem! Need to get that signature updated Floral Dance. ;)
  18. Steve Nicoll

    Steve Nicoll Member

    Glad to hear that everyone enjoyed themselves.
    Mind you I had a fair idea of that judging buy the amount of drink that was guzzled over the weekend !
  19. Borfeo

    Borfeo Member

    Drink? Never touch the stuff personally Stevie!

    Congrats on a great weekend of entertainment, contest was a roaring success as per usual, the mass band was great fun and a joy to conduct, if only the result was a little more in my favour......can't have it all though.

    Same again next year please.