Brass in Ripon Contest 2nd June 2012: Full Results

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    The results for Brass in Ripon Contest 2nd June 2012 are as follows

    1st Ripon City (4) Malcolm Dibb
    2nd Gawthorpe '85 (8) John Edwards
    3rd Thurlstone (7) Jonathan Bates
    4th Leyburn (5) George Lundberg
    5th Knaresborough Silver (1) Stephen Morland
    6th University of Hull (2) Peter Kench
    7th York RI Golden Rail (3) Nick Eastwood
    8th Durham Constabulary (10) Kieth McDonald
    9th Marske (6) Alan Prest
    10th Trimdon Concert (9) John Robson

    Special awards:
    Best 4th section or unregistered band not in the first three: Leyburn Band
    Best Hymn: Gawthorpe '85
    Best March: Ripon City
    Best Soloist: Gawthorpe '85, Cornet player Jessica Whaites,
    Most Entertaining: Ripon City

    A wonderful day was enjoyed by all, my thanks to everyone who took part in or helped to run this year's contest.

    Paulette Morton,
    Contest Secretary
    Ripon City Band