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  1. peterg

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    Hi All,

    Important information to all potential entrants to this competition.

    As you will all know, next year is the Queens jubilee celebrations and the weekend of 2nd to 5th June is an official bank holiday to celebrate this event.

    The Ripon contest is taking place on Sat 2nd June, the first day of this holiday, by coincidence this is also the day after the Whit Friday marches.

    For 2012, the contest will start at 12noon. A max entry of 12 bands will be accepted. We hope to have the contest results etc all done by 6.30. Following the contest from 7.30, there will be a celebratory concert by the Fairey (Geneva) band in the Cathedral.

    Entry to the cathedral for the contest will be as usual £5. A seperate fee for the concert will be payable, this has not yet been decided. Bands entering the contest will be offered a concessionary rate if they wish to stay for the concert.

    Full details of the days events will be circulated when the opening date for entries is announced. This will be in late January and as in the past, no entries will be accepted before this date. All bands who have competed before in the past few years will be informed with the relevant forms etc. Any bands who are considering this event for the first time, please get in touch and i will put your name on the mailing list.
    To be fair to all bands, we accept entries strictly on a first come first served basis.

    Happy banding

  2. peterg

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    Brass in Ripon - Entries.

    Please be aware that entries for the 2012 Brass in Ripon Contest will be accepted as from now.

    All bands that have competed before plus those who have indicated that they would like the relevant information should receive it via Email today. if you don't please pm me.

    Anyone else who requires more information can either pm me or contact the contest sec. Paulette Morton. Email:

    Many thanks

  3. mr_nismo

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    What type of contest is this?
  4. annerly

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    Hi Mr Nismo, this is an entertainment contest, 20 minute program with prizes for deportment, best hymn, march, stand up soloist and overall winner; there's also a prize for the best unregistered band not placed in the top three. It is aimed at 3rd &4th section bands and unregistered. This year we're hosting a concert By Fairey's band too. It promises to be a great day... usually is! hope this helps

    Thanks for your interest

    Paulette M
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  5. mr_nismo

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    unfortunately as a Championship Section band we wont be able to partake, but wish you every success for the event :)
  6. peterg

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    Hi Mr_nismo

    We looked at possibly having a contest for the higher section bands in this venue some years ago. Practically, there was no great problem with staging the event but unfortunately, it came to nought simply due to the cost of the prizemoney that would be required to attract the top section bands. Shame but as always, money is key.

    On a hyperthetical note, what would be the format of a contest like this, held in a cathedral, that would attract top section bands such as yourselves to want to enter? I talk a lot to the lower section bands to try and give them what they want but have never had the opportunity to ask the top bands.


  7. mr_nismo

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    For us it would be normal format - 20-25mins, but not with restrictions on repetoire. As long as there was plenty of staging for movement and preferably some lighting control, it would be a goer. Most important thing for these is an open minded adjudicator of a decent stature. For reference we use have used lighting, stand lights, projections, etc at gigs to great effect.
  8. mr_nismo

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    PS massive prize money wouldn't make much difference to us. Always find it bizarre that lower section bands, who probably need the money the most, get the least prize money.
  9. peterg

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    Yes, I am regularly amazed and annoyed regarding the prize money awarded to differing sections. Even for say, best march in a contest performance or best bass section. They will invariably be bigger for higher sect. bands than for the lower ones. WHY, they all deserve to be the same.

    Totally agree regarding open minded adjudicators, we have employed Richard Evans for some years now to look at the music and also have two for `entertainment'. These are the problem ones to find of as many come with pre-conceived ideas of what they want and seem unable to look at the performance with an open mind, as it relates to a `general public' audience.
  10. annerly

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    Brass in Ripon Contest Sat 2nd June
    There are still two or three places available for this years contest. If your band might be interested please contact me for details.

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