Brass in Ripon 2010

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    Hi Contesters,

    Saturday 29th May is the date for this years contest, again held in Ripon Cathedral. All past participants have been notified and entries are coming in as i post this. There are a couple of places left for the limited 10 bands entry. This `entertainment' contest is restricted to 3rd, 4th and unregistered bands and will be kicking off at 2.30pm.

    Richard Evans will once again be listening for the musical performance that inspires him to give top marks to go with two others who will be looking at the overall `entertainment' factor.

    We have the calculators all charged up so no foul ups with the adding up this year. We look forward to seeing all the old faces again and some new ones too. Any bands who have no been before - you are missing a great days friendly banding.


    contest secretary.
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    Hi contesters,

    The entry for this contest is now full. Any bands submitting an entry from now on will be contacted and offered a place on a reserve list.

    Competing bands are as follows:

    The Blendworth Band.
    Dunston Silver.
    Durham Constabulary.
    Ripon City.
    Lofthouse 2000.
    Wakeman Youth Brass.
    Clifton & Lightcliffe.
    Trimdon Concert.
    Marske Brass.

    Happy contesting.


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