Brass in Ripon 2010 - results

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    The weather might have been a bit miserable in Ripon on Saturday but the atmosphere in the Cathedral certainly was not. 10 bands all with their own ideas/thoughts on `entertainment'. Some with more success than others though all agreed that it was an event not to be missed.

    :clap:After an inspired performance conducted by Rob Illsley, North Skelton emerged the winners of the Ripon Festivals Championship Rosebowl and £250 closely followed by the defending champions Ripon City. Clifton & Lightcliffe came a close third followed by lofthouse 2000.

    Several soloists were in with a chance of the top soloist prize. Described by Richard Evans as `A class act', Ripon's principal cornet player Mike Lumsdon deservedly took the prize. Marske brass took the best march prize for their rendition of `marching onward' and North Skelton took the best hymn prize with their beautiful playing of their arrangement of Gresford. Trimdon concert took the prize for best 4th sect/unreg band.

    Congratulations to all the bands taking part especially North Skelton - worthy winners. A great days banding followed by a great get together at the Ripon bandroom with the players of the Blendworth band and many more.

    Full results:
    Music mark Entertainment mark TOTAL
    1st. North Skelton 182 44 225 (1 time penalty)
    2nd. Ripon City 181 41 222
    3rd Clifton & Lightcliffe 179 42 221
    4th Lofthouse 2000 180 40 220
    5th Marske Brass 177 38 215
    6th Trimdon Concert 176 36 212
    7th Dunston Silver 175 30 205
    8th Blendworth 170 34 203 (1 time penalty)
    9th Durham Constabulary 171 29 200
    10th Wakeman Youth 172 20 191 (1 time penalty)


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