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  1. peterg

    peterg Member

    Hi All
    The next `Brass in Ripon' contest takes place on Sat. 30th May. Taking place in Ripon Cathedral from 3.30pm, this 20 minute own choice entertainment contest was hailed last year as the brass in concert event for the lower section bands. (I never said it - one of the competing players did)

    Many of the Yorkshire/North East bands will know what a good day out this event is and everyone, be you a player/supporter or spectator will be made more that welcome. With a restricted entry to 3rd, 4th and unregistered bands and a limit of 10 only, the entry list is filling fast.

    Richard Evans will be doing the music adjudication and two members of the public will be marking the `entertainment' aspect of the performance. First time entrants Lofthouse 2000 took the top spot last year after tying with locals Ripon City (music mark took precedence) - who will it be this year.

    If any band wants one of the two remaining places left, get in touch fast as it is first come, first served.

    Peter Gilby
    contest sec.
    Ripon City band
  2. debs66

    debs66 Member

    Hi Pete,

    Croft Silver may be interested to come up and make a weekend of it. Will ask at rehearsal tomorrow night.

    Chris banks.
  3. ratpit

    ratpit Member

    Wakeman Youth Brass have posted off an entry!

    We are focusing on the 20% entertainment marks!
  4. ratpit

    ratpit Member

    Is anyone excited about this?

    I am!
  5. FeistyFlugel

    FeistyFlugel New Member

    I'm looking forward to this on Saturday, Good luck to all the bands. Hope everyone has a real good time. No doubt a pint or two after.

    Roll on Saturday.

    Cheers all.....
  6. Hi any results !!!!!!!
  7. Pedge

    Pedge New Member

    what a farce
  8. ajt

    ajt New Member

    Ripon 2009 Results?

    Hi All,

    Anyone know the results of the Ripon Contest (30 May 2009) yet?
  9. FeistyFlugel

    FeistyFlugel New Member

    The winners are:

    1.North Skelton
    2.Ripon City

    Well until we were all celebrating in the bar, then to be told the Musicality and Entertainment marks might just have been added up wrong!!!!!!!!!!....WHAT!....I thought this kind of mistake was long gone in Banding. All I know is the Musicality were:-

    1.North Skelton 184
    2.Ripon City 183
    3.Lofthouse2000 182

    Having said that, Richard Evans was a great Adjudicator. He gave all bands good constructive criticism and praise where it's due in the remarks.

    Will have to wait for final standings.....sorry I'm as confused as the next man!...... PITY!

  10. ajt

    ajt New Member

    Ripon 2009 Results

    Thanks for the information... and congratulations!
  11. RhythmInside

    RhythmInside New Member

    Last we were told at Lofthouse was that after getting their calculators out the result was:

    1. Ripon
    2. Lofthouse

    Sorry to the players at North Skelton if this is correct.
  12. Pedge

    Pedge New Member

    To say we were upset is an understatement.
  13. FeistyFlugel

    FeistyFlugel New Member

    Yep now told we were 3rd overall, But it's music that matters and Mr E. Knows his stuff...we'll work on the subjective area of what's entertaining.
  14. peterg

    peterg Member

    Yep, we got it wrong!!!

    Hi All,

    After the success of Brass in Ripon yesterday - I tried unsuccesfully to get my side of the story onto the thread before any silly comments were posted - the few that got here before me i was glad to see were not derogatory apart from one which must have been posted through a haze of booze due to its brevity.

    As the contest sec. and organiser for Brass in Ripon, I have to take full responsibility for my team getting it wrong -- The mistake only affected the first 3 places.

    As all will know, this contest follows the `Brass in Concert' format with a music adjudicator - Richard Evans and two entertainment adjudicators, Alan Skidmore and Dorothy Ratcliffe - all who did their job perfectly and i thank them for giving up their time to work, both for the good of the bands and for the enjoyment of the public.

    At the end of the competition, both the music scores AND entertainment scores are added together after deduction of any time penalties. Only one band went over time - Trimdon Concert Brass and were penalised two points as per the rules.

    This is where the problem occured. The results from the score compilers was presented as follows:
    North Skelton - Music score 184 Ent. score 38 total 232 ???
    Ripon City - Music Score 183 Ent. score 44 total 227
    Lofthouse 2000 - music score 182 Ent. score 44 total 226

    Quite obviously a slip up had occured and the North Skelton total should have read 222.

    Unfortunately this was not discovered until 30 minutes after the presentations were done and I believe it was a member of lofthouse 2000 band who noticed it. I was informed straight away and went to talk to the representatives of North Skelton who, though obviously upset and annoyed about what had happened, graciously (mostly) accepted the fact that a mistake had occured and an amicable solution was agreed regarding trophies and prizemoney. Once again i express my most sincere apologies to the members of North Skelton Band for this error.

    The full ammended results are as follows:

    1. Ripon City 227 points
    2. Lofthouse 2000 226 points
    3. North Skelton 222 points
    4. Leyburn Brass 220 points
    5. Dunston Silver 119 points
    6. Knarsborough Silver 217 points
    7. Hudersfield & Ripponden 214 points
    8= Bearpark & Esh colliery 210 points
    8= Wakeman Youth 210 points
    10 Trimdon Concert Brass 207 points

    Best 4th sect or ungraded band not in the first 3 places - Leyburn Brass
    Most entertaining performance - Knarsborough Silver.
    Best march - North Skelton
    Best Hymn - Ripon City
    Best soloist - Flugel Horn, Dunston Silver

    Up until the discovery of this error on our part, the contest had been one of the best ever as commented on by Richard Evans in his comments to the bands. All bands had played their part in making the contest run very smoothly and to time - thank you all.

    Unfortunately in life, humans are falible and mistakes occur. As I am not one for hiding them under the carpet, I set about informing everyone concerned and rectifying the problem as quickly and amicably as possible. Yes, the `mistake' that occured shouldn't have happened, was extremly regretable and will not happen again.

    Congratulations to all the `winners' and to North Skelton for the best music score. I knew it would take some beating after I heard the band perform.

    best wishes to all

  15. FeistyFlugel

    FeistyFlugel New Member

    Yes Peter, thank you for the explanation it did happen like this and many in our band understand that human mistakes do happen. I'm sure a mechanism will be put in place for this not to happen again.

    It was a great contest with a good standard of banding. Thank you for all the hard work you put in ALL day, running around etc. There's no ill feeling from NSB just obviously disappointed after the elation. roll on next year......Bring it on!

  16. blue juice

    blue juice Member

    It was a good day this year. But how did Wakeman Youth not win the entertainment prize? Also nice to see a youth band enter. Hopefully there will be more next year.
  17. Pedge

    Pedge New Member

    I think my upset last night was fairly justified actually, having been made to look like a fool in front of everyone in the cathedral collecting that trophy, followed by being tapped on the shoulder to be confronted with the news on my own. I also resent the accusation I was drunk. I was merely disgusted at the fact that such a stupid mistake could occur. As for a "mechanism will be put in place for this not to happen again". One already exists. It's called a calculator.
  18. ratpit

    ratpit Member

    Cheers Blue Juice

    Wakeman Youth went for it on the entertainment but we didn't make it this year
    We had lots of fun and enjoyed the standing ovation!

    We've been promised some funding from a local politician :)

    We will work hard to get back next year

  19. i'll get slated here, but i aint sure if the host city should be able to field its own band in its own contest

    this contest is pretty well run on the whole, its had 1 of the most musically knowledged guys on the planet as the adjudicator, and its very much a venue which is a challenge to play in, the accoustics are massive in there

    but i just wonder if it would be better if ripon didnt play, or if they did, that they wouldnt be included in the markings and results, and if the music adjudicator was in a box rather than open, it would feel more like a traditional contest then thats all

    the contest and idea of it overall is pretty solid, plus its nice to hear a varied range of pieces played, the minimum requirement of a hymn, march and solo is a nice idea and then any extra pieces you can fit in aswell

    i wasnt aware of the results mixup as my band hudds didnt finish in the prizes, but i spose these things happen and at least the organizers have come out publically and apologized, we are all human after all, and if the organisers learn from this, then its ok
  20. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    And deservedly so :rolleyes:

    Eh? :confused: Why? Are you implying (libellously) that Mr Evans ("1 of the most musically knowledged guys on the planet ") gave Ripon some sort of "home advantage"?

    Or do you simply feel that "home"" bands shouldn't compete? So Blackpool Brass should be barred from the area contest, Redbridge and Aveley from the national finals or City of Cambridge from the Masters? I assume you will similarly disapprove of the bands from Delph, Friezland, Lees, Uppermill and Dobcross entering their "home" march contest on Friday. Are you mad?

    The last thing the band world needs is another bog-standard traditional contest. There's a reason that loads of those have disappeared over the last 20 years. By all accounts, the organisers of this contest work hard to put on a cracking day's entertainment in one of the few contesting formats that just might draw a small amount of interest from outside the banding goldfish bowl - obviously they've gone and spoiled it by inviting the local band and having - gasp - open adjudication.

    Honestly, no wonder banding's in the toilet. :mad:

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