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    BRASS IN CONCERT LIVE! is a highlights CD from the 2003 Brass in Concert Championships which was supported by World of Brass.
    It's been out for a while but I've only just got around to doing this post!

    Here's the track listing;
    Olympic Fanfare & Theme (Williams arr. Graham) Scottish Co-op
    Body and Soul (Green arr. Smith) Grimethorpe
    March Lorraine (Ganne) Leyland
    Sabre Dance (Khatchaturian arr. Walker) Ever Ready
    Bees-a-Buzzin' (Siebert) Leyland
    Pokarekare Ana (Tomoana arr. Maunder) Carlton Main
    Simoraine (Barraclough) Ransome
    Independence Day (Arnold arr. Rockey) Kirkintilloch
    Dick Turpin's Ride to York (Newton) Nick Hudson
    Unisons (Alperin) JAG Mount Charles
    Blaze Away (Holzmann) Yorkshire Imperial
    Galaxies (Davis arr. Farr) Grimethorpe
    An American Trilogy (arr. Richards) Sellers International
    Muppet Show Theme (Scott/Langham) Flowers
    Gethsemane (Webber arr. Farr) Alexandra Kerwin
    The Waltonian (Richards) Sellers International
    Queen Isobel's Prayer (Harper) Flowers
    Excerpts from the Little Russian Symphony (No.2) (Tchaikovsky arr. Gordon) Leyland

    Available from World of Brass by clicking on this link;
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    I'm sure we didn't play this ;-)

    Very good CD though so make sure you get your copy people!

    :D :wink:
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    Absolutely right!
    It was Flowers and a fine arrangement and performance it is too!
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    Excellent CD bought my copy at the Northern Areas.

    To say its a live CD the playing is superb and the fact that some bands are moving round on stage the sound quality is not lost.
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    Gaz - where did you get your Contrabass Trom from? is it an Eb, F or BBb?