*BRASS FUN DAY* 11th Feb 06, Rugby, Warwickshire

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    Bilton Silver Training Band invites young brass players of Rugby and surrounding areas to hit some “High Notes” with us at our FUN DAY on Saturday 11th February, 2006.

    Bilton's Training Band is taking steps to reach out into the community to increase awareness and to offer opportunities to local children (and adults) in playing a brass instrument.

    The ‘fun day’ is open to existing players AND those who would like to give it a go! Percussionists are also welcome (of course!)

    The event will be a day of workshops and activities, culminating in a massed performance at the end of the session with members of the Bilton Silver Band. The sound will be incredible!

    Children will be given the opportunity to be coached by experienced, local musicians, and the whole ethos of the day will be geared to a practical, ‘hands on’ approach. We hope to help young brass players build upon established musical skills and to further develop their learning, promoting a life-long enjoyment of music - some of our players have been members for over 50 years!

    The fun day will be held at the Indian Club, Edward Street, Rugby, CV21 2EZ starting at 10.15am and finishing with a GRAND CONCERT from 3.30 to 4pm. Lunch is provided, and the day is FREE!

    Please be assured that this is not an exercise in tempting your young members away from your bandroom! On the contrary, we see this event as an opportunity to forge links with our fellow musicians in the surrounding area and, with this reassurance, we hope that you will feel confident in encouraging your members to have fun with us.

    We would be delighted if you could publicise this event to your youngsters! Application forms are available to download from our website www.biltonsilverband.co.uk. You can also email us at mail@biltonsilverband.co.uk or PM me for more info.

    Look forward to seeing you and yours on the 11th!