BRASS Fringe & Miners Gala new blogs for this

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    BRASS Festival in Durham has announced its support for a fringe event by setting up a grant to help venues book live brass music! Full details in press soon and here too later!

    Here are some blogs about BRASS and Miners Gala that may help those wishing to come along or even take part!

    Of course we can still talk about what is happening here as it looks a good chance to our music to a wider audience and engage with a young crowd who don't normally come to our events!

    Lets get behind it in its first year, I have volunteered to help and have set up these blogs, please do spread the word and try and join in.

    Someone else has set up a MySpace site for it as well.
    (just set this up today)

    BRASS is more than just bands, Solo players, Punk Brass, Jazz, Classical, Funk, Ska and of course there has to be the Good Ole British Brass Band too!

    Come and join in the fun, be part of it and keep Brass music's profile high!