Brass Day at the Proms, 28th July 2007

Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by PeterBale, Apr 26, 2007.

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  3. KMJ Recordings

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    Would've been nice for the Dyke / Grimey bit to have been the evening Prom with TV coverage but I suppose we can't have everything.
  4. simonbassbone

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    Lets make sure enough of us go so they realise there is an audience for brass music at the Proms:clap: :clap:
    If the Halls half empty we can't moan when there's no bands on next year:mad:
  5. Donkey Horn

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    Is anyone considering going to the associated brass "come and play" morning at the Royal College of Music?
  6. Veri

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    Yes! I was wondering what I'd do with my euph/bari during the concert though...
  7. davidsait

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    Most probably. Might as well make a day of it.
  8. PaddySears

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    Does anyone know what the come and play is going to consist of ? I asked one of the trumpet players from the BBC symphony assuming that they'd be the first to be involved and he hadn't heard of it!
  9. Daisy Duck

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    The BBC Symphony Orchestra has nothing to do with the Brass Day and associated concerts. It's a BBC Philharmonic thing.

    I can tell you that the Uzbek trumpets are amazing. My mum plays with the London Sinfonietta and they had a trumpet day a few years ago, just before John Wallace left to go up to Scotland. There were Uzbek trumpets there and it was just a fantastic experience.
  10. dixie

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    The communal events are being looked after by Roger Argente (bass trombone at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & brass coordinator at Trinity College).
    I'm not sure what form the morning session will take, but the new commission in the evening is due to feature around two hundred brass players from all over the place. Places are already taken but search the for more players is underway! To be involved in the evening, I think players will need to attend a few rehearsals in the weeks before. I'm not sure how you get involved, but a look at the BBC site might be a good start. I'm working with Roger at the moment, so I can ask how people could get in touch with him. This looks like a great day and the evening concert gives loads of people the chance be a part of this project and play at the RAH alongside some of the best players around.
    It would be good to have a huge crowd there. So many times people bemoan the lack of brass in the mainstream or the desire to show more than the than 'cloth cap' image, but events like the Royal Northern Festival (quality bands/music) play to half empty halls.

    Make the most of the good summer for brass with both this Prom and the Durham Festival!
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  12. davidquinlan

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    I attended that event too. The Uzbek crowd certainly were something!!
  13. tillie

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    So who is going to the morning workshop? I've just had an email to confirm that 7 of us from East London Brass are doing it. Should be a great day.

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