Brass Collective, 4/4/08 and 11/4/08

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    Two free concerts given by an up-and-coming group of brass players:

    Friday 4th April
    Regent Hall,
    Oxford Street,
    Time - 1pm
    Admission - Free​
    (Programme to include: Mark-Anthony Turnage - Set to, Bach arr. Snell - Prelude and Fugue No.11 and Grieg arr. Cox - 3 Lyric Pieces)

    Friday 11th April
    National Portrait Gallery,
    Time - 6.30pm
    Admission - Free​
    (Programme to include: Derek Bourgeois - Concerto Grosso op.61 and Hans Werner Henze - Ragtimes and Habaneras)
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    I went to the Regent Hall concert yesterday.

    They played the Bourgeois Concerto Grosso, I guess maybe as a live 'run through' before the National Portrait Gallery concert.

    Any brass ensemble with Philip Cobb and Huw Morgan in the trumpet section needs to be heard so, if you missed the concert at Regent Hall, try not to miss the next one!
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    Glad to hear it went well - unfortunately I can't do either of them due to work (used to be alright when I worked in the West End, but now I'm in the City there's not time to get there :( )
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    Thanks for that, Carl: I was sent a pm, but they didn't include the venue!!!