Brass championships at RAH..

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Band Lads Army, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. Does anybody know an estimated duration of the event?

    I was thinking of travelling and pre booking train tickets and just wondered if anyone could help.

    Cheers Guys
  2. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    I think you'll be hard pressed to get a good answer since it is a new piece this year and a 2.5 minute difference in piece length can mean an hour difference in ending time. Usually there is a good hour to grab tea before the gala concert though.
  3. johnflugel

    johnflugel Active Member

    Normally reasonably safe to work on just over twenty minutes per band, plus a 20 minute comfort break for the judges.
  4. thelawyer

    thelawyer New Member

    On the official notification from Kapitol, the Contest is starting at 10.00 and finishing at approx 4.45. If possible, there will be a break for the adjudicators after band 10 if at all possible.
  5. Chris Sanders

    Chris Sanders Active Member

    then on to the goat, few pints, back to the hotel, changed and in stringfellows by 10 :D

    IYOUNG Member

    sounds about right although I would say 6pm is more likely

    18 bands

    Test peice 15 minutes
  7. ronnie_the_lizard

    ronnie_the_lizard Active Member

    + 10 mins for setting up / taking down percussion

    IYOUNG Member

    i like an optimist!!!!!
  9. Darth_Tuba

    Darth_Tuba Active Member

    20 bands. Eight areas, two bands each, plus four prequalified.

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