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    :tongue::clap:Good evening

    Can anyone clarify for me lol, there is always a place for the trombone, it just depends I suppose on the relative position of there (or is that their?)?

    Going forward I just wonder if the movement has really considered to proliferation of the tuning and mouthpiece of "seats available". I suppose the adjudicator just has to weigh up if the overall bandroom has the required, if I may say so, "better to do it that way".

    That is a very good point you make, I just sometimes wonder if you are missing the point in this instance.

    What do peeps think??? If this doesn't get the attention required, I think it would just freedom.
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    sorry fella, but you lost me right after you said good evening :confused::confused:
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    Eh ?

    ~ Mr Wilx
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    Welsh ?

    Just a guess.
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    Someone is nissed as a pewt!
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    They come on here spouting their rubbish ! :confused:
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    Crikey, automated bots are getting good these days.
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    Is this our old friend @brassbandmaestro?
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    No, I think not. Tim always made sense even if he couldn't spell sense! :D Per'aps the poor chap's furrin? From Birmingham, or somesuch place?
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    Seems like part of a conversation- one-sided,like...
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    Nah, he ay from ere, we doh talk like tha in the block country or brummigum! Ar reckon is tha Red Octoba fella pullin ya plonka a gen! Anyrodeup up yow watch the hoss rode and keep sairf, tarra abit
  13. I think someone could be six pence short of a shilling, a sandwich short of a picnic, not a full deck, a can short of a six pack or worse a band short of tuba player.