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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by 08cbinns, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. 08cbinns

    08cbinns Member

    What is brass band's most chesseyest piece?
  2. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    Err... The King and I
    Check mate
    Black and white (square) Minstrels

    They Chessy enough? :D
  3. TubaGeek

    TubaGeek Member

    Floral Dance maybe?
  4. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Anything by
    Derek Broadbent
  5. Daniel Sheard

    Daniel Sheard Member

    I know him so well
  6. towse1972

    towse1972 Active Member

    Black Magic woman.....I cant play it for laughing.
  7. Bass Man

    Bass Man Active Member

    I agree, definatley floral dance
  8. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    Floral Dance, Hootenanny, Instant Concert, Jingle Bells... eugh, I feel nauseus just reeling them off...
  9. ScaryFlugel

    ScaryFlugel Member

    I get it, Steve, even though it seems to have passed everyone else by...
  10. TubaGeek

    TubaGeek Member

    Lol, no I got that one too. Bravo!
  11. MattB

    MattB Member

    Oooh, the options! Lincolnshire Poacher? Padstow Lifeboat? Doesn't have to be a naff piece though, Trumpets Wild is gloriously cheesy to the point of edam, but I love it!
  12. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member

    No no no, you've made a huge mistake!

    Padstow Lifeboat isn't cheesy, it's just misunderstood!
  13. Seamus_the_dog

    Seamus_the_dog New Member

    Schneewalzer, berliner luft and any other german ompah music that seems to be expected of brass bands playing a beer fest. Do you want cheese with your Wolfenstein sir?
  14. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    KNIGHT Templar
    QUEEN Rules
  15. Al

    Al Member

  16. sunny_jimbob

    sunny_jimbob Member

    Heh, winner! Pawn Free, perhaps?
  17. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Rodney Newton's "Prince Bishops"

    You could always get someone to arrange the theme from "The New Avengers" (at least the opening Gambit) ;)
  18. FlugelD

    FlugelD Member

    Or 'One Night In Bangkok' ...
  19. Gorgie boy

    Gorgie boy Member

    What about the famous standard "The Rook of Love"

    (I'll get my coat...........)
  20. probertprestige

    probertprestige New Member

    Three words...

    Hetty Wainthropp Investigates

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