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    My husband Matthew Walker has been in a very sore mood today. He's spent the last 6 months researching the history of brass bands in the Bury and Rossendale area and his car was broken into last night and a bag was taken containing all his research.

    Am sure you fellow enthusiasts will appreciate the time it's taken him to pull together such information - us drunken banders don't often put much in writing do we?!!

    To try and put a smile back on his face, if you by chance play in/have played in a brass band in the Bury and Rossendale area and have some photos, stories or snippets of information you could share please get in touch on 01204 465 321.

    Many thanks,

    Suzanne Walker
  2. Frontman

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    Matt has actually just had a book recently published covering brass bands in and around th Bolton area and I am well aware that he was researching the Bury and Rossendale Valley area.
    His research is very thorough and its a great set back which he has suffered. Can I ask on his behalf for help. The bands I know of in the Bury area are Tottington Public, Radcliffe Band, Besses o'th Barn and Besses Boys. In the Rossendale Valley there is Haslingden and Helmshore, BMP Europe Goodshaw Band, Stacksteads Band, Water Prize Band, Rossendale Scouts and Whitworth Vale and Healey Band.
    I am well aware that there are several members from the aforementioned bands who are regulars on this site so come on guys, this is someone who is saving our traditions in some extremely well written books. I believe he is considering doing one about Oldham and Saddleworth Bands next. Come on guys give Matt some help.
  3. northfleet

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    Thanks Dave

    Thanks for your message. Matt's face looked so gutted when he saw his car window had been smashed and the bag taken. Unfortunately the history he'd written was saved to memory stick which was in the bag, the camera had photos he'd taken of bands and there was a hard copy of what he'd written so far along with interviews with various bandsmen.

    Have banned him now from keeping things like that in the car. You don't realise how valuable it is 'til you lose it. Hope all's well with you,

  4. tat

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    Does this include extinct bands such as Bury Silver, Irwell Forge, Heap Bridge in the Bury area. Irwell Springs, Healey Hall, Whitworth Scout Band, Millgate Band and they're just the extinct bands near Whitworth, other people will probably know more through out the Rossendale valley.
    Stephen Lord (ex Brighouse) had a book printed up a couple of years ago which included some of the local banding history around Whitworth, it could give you a few leads.
  5. northfleet

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    Yes extinct and existing bands


    Yes, he's researching all the bands that have existed and still exist around those areas. Thanks for the lead on the book, will let Matt know in case he's not heard of it. Gotta dash,

  6. northfleet

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    Hi Tat

    Sorry for the short message yesterday, was running about last minute. Have mentioned the book written by the Brighouse player and he'd not heard about this before so hopefully will give him some leads.

    He is interested in bands such as Irwell Springs and the other bands that have folded. I think it's Irwell Springs that he had a postcard of the old bandroom before it was demolished. Sadly that was in the bag that was stolen. If you've any info on the bands that have folded or ones still going am sure he'd be really grateful. Thanks again,

  7. tat

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    That's funny, I was told only a few weeks ago that Irwell Springs band room was still there? It looks like a large old corrigated garage?

    I know Goodshaw's old band room isn't there any more.
    I'm currently trying to sort out Whitworth's History for the web page, if I dig up anything of interest I'll let you know.
  8. Boarshurst

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    I have sent details regarding several bands but if there is anything else I can do please do not hesitate to contact me.

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