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    Hi people,

    Anyone on here from Holland???

    I am organising our summer tour, and I'm looking for concerts in the Den Haag area. I have friends in the city but they are not brass band people and are struggling to get contacts for organising our gigs.

    We are going to our twin city Aschaffenburg, Germany on the 4th July but following a holiday to Den Haag last summer I thought it would be nice to stop by on the way. We are booked into Hotel Centrum from the morning of Tuesday 1st July, leaving early on Friday 4th. I had thought it would be good to do a concert somewhere in the Hague, and also maybe in the main squares at Delft and Gouda... but I'm open to ideas!

    Can anyone help? We are a 2nd section band, and the tour band will be a mix of our senior and junior bands. We're pretty flexible and we'll have all our own equipment (just need to borrow chairs). If anyone was able to host us for a concert (indoors or outside), I'd be really grateful.


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