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  1. hi guys and girls

    i know this was brought up a little bit when i was trying to form the all new halifax brass band but i feel the need to bring this up again.

    ive done some research to try and find out if there was a "halifax brass band" at all and my search results have brought up very limited information.

    the closest ive come to finding anything was that there used to be a brass band assosiation for the halifax and surrounding area, or something similar to that effect.

    if anyone could post some information on here for me id be very grateful as im hoping to try and form a new band again this summer and if there was some kind of history i could type up for a band website or if theres any physical history i could get my hands on then it would be a nice thing to add to the project of forming a new band for the town of halifax, west yorkshire.

    cheers fellow tmp'rs
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    Tried Halifax council and the museum? If you have one, I presume the museum would be a great place to start what with it being all about history of the town. You may even get lucky and have a local historian in there rather than someone who doesnt know their **** from their elbow.
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    Shame on you for not knowing that Calderdale Central Library has a Local Studies unit and will almost certainly have a "Local Studies" librarian who can help you! They have editions of your local rag going back to 1801. This would cover the time that Halifax band won the Open and this would certainly have been reported; the Open in the 1860s was big news. Address and opening times from their website

    Calderdale Central Library
    HX1 1UN
    Telephone: 01422 392631
    Fax: 01422 349458
    9:30am - 7.00pm
    9:30am - 7.00pm
    9:30am - 7.00pm
    9:30am - 7.00pm
    9:30am - 5.00pm
  5. my only reasearch had been internet searches so far, as this idea for fowarding the research had only come to mind a few days ago.

    so nope, no shame ;) :p
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    Im sure I heard a great conductor say that once! He had got this new piece a few days before but decided to sit around and search the internet for inspiration rather than ask those in the know, all this before announcing his lack of serious investigation to the band!

    Cant remember who it was though, or if he was that great. Anyway, I would say a local archive would be spot on.
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    The first Belle Vue contest named a band called "Woodside, Halifax - 13 performers - Leader: James Settle" and in the early part of the 20th Century, Kings Cross (Halifax) band was also in the frame!
  8. did crossleys carpets have a band at some stage?

    i think they would have something to do with the dean clough mills/offices/art galleries etc

    they would have also been based near halifax i think, not sure?!
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    - based in Dean Clough, Halifax. Google searches bring up snippets here and there and it might be possible to get some chronological story of Crossleys band!
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    Yes, quite a successful one. I'd be interested to know what happened to a lot of the old works bands that are no longer around- names like Ferodo Works, Callander's Cable Works, etc...and what happened to their music libraries in particular. I presume Crossley's players/instruments/music were absorbed by a few of the local rivals.
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    From Harrogate's - Extinct Bands. Thanks Gavin!

    The following don't necessarily constitute a complete list but time precludes a full search at present: Crossley's Carpet Works Band Wound up in 1969. Records of the band 1950-1969 held in Halifax Public Library. Halifax and District Brass Band Records of the band, from 1951-61, are held at the West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale Halifax Band of Hope Brass Band See: Halifax Victoria Band Halifax Citadel Band Active in 1918 Halifax Home Guard Band Competed in the 1944 British Open contest. Halifax Temperance Band Halifax Victoria Band Originally the Halifax Band of Hope Brass Band
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    Also from IBEW: Lee Mount Band (Halifax) Moderna Blanket Works Band (Halifax) Formed in 1949 as the Cragg Vale and Mytholmroyd Band Oats Royd Mills Brass Band, Midgley Originally the Luddenden Old Band, it assumed the name of Oats Royd Mills in 1864 when becoming connected with the firm of Messrs. John Murgatroyd and Sons who owned the Mills. Records of the band, from 1864-1891 are held by ?West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale Woodside Band (Halifax) Active in 1853
    That's enough to be going on with! Good luck with your research Clive.

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