Brass Bands in Films

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  1. Keith Stanley James Lever

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    Now we all know that Grimethorpe Colliery Band featured in 'Brassed Off', Stocksbridge Band featured in 'The Full Monty', Haslemere Town Band were featured in 'Paddington Station', and Ilkeston Brass were in the ATV Series 'Sounding Brass', after considerable research I cannot find which Brass Band was featured in the series 'The Shillingbury Blowers' has anyone got any idea which band it was. I know it was filmed in Aldbury in Hertfordshire, and that Trevor Howard was the main actor.
  2. City of Oxford top band appeared in an episode of Midsommer Murders a few years back also.
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    Did the shillingbury blowers actually feature a real brass band actually on the screen?. Wasn't the band featured just full of all the eccentric local villagers played by actors. I do have the full series of the Shillingbury tales on DVD with a 'bonus' DVD of the Shillingbury Blowers. I will have to have a look.

    I think it was Ransomes who featured in a scene of 'Women in Love' in 1970s. Our ex-principle cornet player Alan Tyler always told a story of having a 'bit' of a drink with Oliver Reed after filming.
  4. Keith Stanley James Lever

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    Brass Bands in Films.

    That's quite true about 'Women in Love' it was filmed at Elvaston Castle, Near Derby in 1969.
  5. Veri

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    Not quite a film, but Black Dyke were in the Christmas special of Dinner Ladies.
  6. David Mann

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    I seem to remember a band in the b/w film "A kind of loving"
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    A listing of Brass bands in films and on TV is listed in part 4 of the IBEW The Brass band bibliography page. I am sure Gavin would appreciate any info to update the website.
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  8. Liamhorn

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    Tiverton Town Band appeared in the film "blackball"
  9. eanto

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    Fakenham Town Band form North Norfolk featured in the film 'Waterlands' starring Jeremy Irons. We got paid a little more than the extras as we were deemed 'specialists' cos we could toot out a few notes. I remember we had to play a drunken band on set, because of celebrating the King's coronation, so staggering and wrong notes were the order of the day. It wasn't easy to do....:rolleyes:
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    Was that the one at the train station/fayre and they played an arrangement of the Midsomer Murders theme?
  11. nickjones

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    The Trefor Band were involved in a few scenes in the Welsh Film "Porc Pei" , the film won a BAFTA and won the audience award at the W├╝rzburg Film Festival , the team who made Porc Pei were commissioned to make an series , which featured the Llanrug Band.
  12. andyh

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    Not as impressive as a film appearance (unless you count it as a very short one!) and a long time ago but Woodbridge Excelsior once appeared in a tv advert for Golden Wonder crisps in 1977 (photo) :eek:

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    Some members of the Rogerstone Band would have played a part in a film about WWII, they were playing on an opentop bus going over the Transporter Bridge in Newport. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds I don't think the film (whose name escapes me) was ever released. I think I can see why!!
  14. Forest Gump

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    Berry hill band has featured in a few Dennis Potter play's, Kareoke, Cold lazarus, The beast with two backs and others i cant remember.
    He was from the Village and some of his relatives were members.
  15. James Yelland

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    So we're all agreed then - nobody knows which band appeared in the Shillingbury Blowers.
  16. winterman

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    Drighlington have appeared in only 1 film, that I know of, which was a 2 second clip of them at Delph in Brassed Off as part of the Whit Friday segment.

    However they have appeared twice on Emmerdale at the summer fetes. The first back in 2000 or 2001 when the great storm hit, and the second last year playing on the Trumpton-esque band stand.

    Leeds Central Salvation Army band appeared in a Christmas-time episode of A Touch of Frost filmed at Harrogate.
  17. Bungle

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    I think we are all waiting with bated breath for BigHorn to check his DVD.
  18. David Mann

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    I believe they were all actors, and one of them came to Dunchurch to learn the baritone. He stayed as a player for a couple of years, and later was a regular on a practical joke programme (Beadles About?). Can't remember his name though..
  19. robcav

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    Let's not forget Haworth Band's participation in The Railway Children.
  20. DaveR

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    None of the musicians get credited on the DVD, so I assume that it was all played by a studio band. Certainly, the people you see on screen were miming (very unconvincingly)! :tongue: