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Discussion in 'IBEW feedback' started by Jan H, Feb 2, 2007.

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    I tried to make a complete list of all brass bands in Belgium (There aren't that many - only about 40 or 50). Feel free to use my list to make your "Belgium" section more complete. Here is the link:

    The bands are listed according to their ranking(Championship/1st division/2nd division/3rd division; unranked bands; "unconventional" bands and band that I have not been able to get any information about.


    b.t.w. thanks for putting the link to my fanfare band site ( ) in the "wind and concert" section. I don't remember sending it to you. Did you find it yourself, or did someone else send it to you? (maybe you saw it in my signature...) It's still a work in progress though... A very long way to go still, to come anywhere near IBEW!
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    Jan - thanks for the list - it will be very useful to update the Belgian entries. Sadly it looks as if one of the main Belgian banding sites is down at present (Vlaamse Brass Band Federatie at

    Sorry - I can't remember where your site notification came from, even though it only got added last month!
  3. Jan H

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    About 5 years ago, the Vlaamse Brass Band Federatie merged with the other amateur music federations in Flanders (Fedekam and Muziekverbond). This new federation is called VLAMO ("Vlaamse Amateurmuziek Organisatie" or Flemish Amateur Music Organisation). Their website is

    The last couple ofyears, the Belgian brass band website with the most traffic, has been the Belgian brassband forum ( ). But they seem to be down today as well... :eek:

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