Brass Bands and Wallace & Gromit

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Rebel Tuba, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Rebel Tuba

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    s'pose its good of Auntie to be making this kind of celebration and to involve Brunel Brass, however, saying all that would it not have been better for the "Beeb" to have chosen one of the Bristol based bands instead of dragging a band from Swindon to film at Bristol???
  2. ophicliede

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    What a strange comment to make??? I'm sure if it was Cory, Black Dyke or any other high profile band you would probably have a different opinion. BBC Culture Show is London based maybe they should have asked a band from the principality? :confused:
  3. Di B

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    A lot of tv companies select bands who are registered with an entertainments/music agencies. Either that, or one of the team know of a local band.

    Turning it upside down.....
    If you had to hire a jazz band for a large corporation where would you go to find one?
    Probably a music agency or by word of mouth? :)
  4. katieeuph

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    To be fair, Swindon's hardly a long way from Bristol - it's nice to see a successful 3rd section band having exciting opportunities. Good luck to them, I say!
  5. ophicliede

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    Thanks Katie for you remarks, the beeb had picked up on the fact that we had just won the Third Section Championships and that is why they contacted us.
  6. Rebel Tuba

    Rebel Tuba Member

    What a strange comment to make.....

    Ahhhhh..... thats why you made that comment.

    As you pointed out you are NOT Cory, or Dyke or any other high profile band, you are a lower section band (albeit an improving lower section band).

    I stick by my guns, the fact that City of Bristol became one of the best new bands in the South West only 3 or 4 years ago, had then hit a sticky patch, but now re-built and are on the way back again. Not to mention the amalgamation of 2 of Bristols oldest bands Kinswood and Bristol East, I stick by my original posting that the Beeb have no right to invite a 3rd/2nd section band from outside the city to perform with a Bristol icon such as Wallace and Gromit.
  7. ophicliede

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    I think that Wallace and Gromit are a British icon not a Bristol one a bit like Williams F1 Team from Grove near Wantage are a British icon not a Wantage one. We like to think that our record as a band speaks for itself: 2008 4th Section Regional Champions, 4th in the National Finals, 2009 3rd Section Regional Champions, 3rd Section National Champions, 2010 2nd Section.

    All done with a handful of adults and many young musicians in their teens, not a band made up of floating or musicians trawled from many other bands. Maybe thats why the BBC chose the band when looking on the internet.
  8. Rebel Tuba

    Rebel Tuba Member

    Standard old British problem, standard old brass band problem:

    Me..... Me..... Me.....

    Arguing for argument sake, sunshine. You know I'm right and your trying to justify it to urself.

    If a Bristol band had travelled to Swindon, to play "The Magic Roundabout" as a celebration of your roundabout monstrosity there, you would be up in arms about not using a Swindon Band.

    We are our own downfall in this dying art
  9. Rapier

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    Maybe the Swindon band gave a better quote for the Job? Either way good luck on them.

    Using davegp's logic no bands should come and play on my local bandstand, they should stick to their own. ;)
  10. Rebel Tuba

    Rebel Tuba Member

    Ahhhh so its all about fees and money and quotes and NOT about the standard of a band, makes more sense to me now - (but "shhh" Rapier you'll upset certain people with that kinda talk :biggrin:)
  11. mnozil

    mnozil New Member

    not sure how it can be about money davegp if the bbc went to them? they probably just wanted a successful local band. i think its a good opportunity for the band...a SOUTH WEST band who has had much success at the WEST OF ENGLAND contests. sounds a little bit like sour grapes.....
  12. Rebel Tuba

    Rebel Tuba Member

    There doesn't seem to be any sour grapes here, just the honest truth, that for a major event like with the BBC (we are not talking playing the local bandstands here) then if you want a "BIG" name brass band then bring in whoever you want and pay the money, however if you are going to use a "LOWER" standard of band then you should be using local bands........ simples
  13. ophicliede

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    Hey why the two profiles??? davegp
  14. Rebel Tuba

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    ??? everyone knows I have two profiles ??? It depends who I sign on with and which friends I wanna pm to.

    Erm and your problemo is??????
  15. mnozil

    mnozil New Member

    i didn't know.....

    It does seem like Brunel Brass is a local band to use your phrase.
  16. MartinT

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    You'll find it tends to affect your credibility in people's eyes - particularly as you seem to represent yourself as two entirely different people, one a Bb bass player and one a supporter. Lots of people are familiar with the issue of multiple identities on the Internet being used to stir things up on newsgroups, discussion sites etc.

    And while Ophicliede is big and ugly enough to take care of himself, I msut say that you do yourself no favours by addressing him as "sunshine".
  17. MoominDave

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    And one might add that using multiple profiles is against forum rules...

    Would you like a bigger spoon to stir with, Mr Pilkington? Pretty pointless thread this.
  18. Jessika

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    Bit rude isnt it? Surely if you were in Brunel Brass's position then you wouldnt be saying these things.. bit of jealousy maybe?
  19. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    Clearly, the average brass band is in such a fantastic financial position, that when offered work they should turn it down if they're not the closest band geographically to the point of performance. It's almost certainly what I'd do, if I were a crazy person.
  20. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    I find it a little petty when territorialism kicks in as we should be pleased that a band is going to get a little national airplay. Better something than nothing?