Brass Bands accompanying Folk Songs

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by BrianT, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. BrianT

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    I heard a folk track by Kate Rusby on Radio 2 last night. And there was a brass band (sounded like a cornet and some other stuff) accompanying. Really nice. Does anyone know the story here?
  2. dyl

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    On this one, it's a group of players from Grimethorpe.
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  3. AndyCat

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    It's usually a brass quintet from the Coldstream Guards, at least on TV and her CD, but I know John Doyle from Dyke did Cambridge Folk Festival or one of the other big festivals with her last year.
  4. Bryan_sop

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    We did a joint concert with The Yetties a few years ago which was...err...interesting to say the least! We did a few joint numbers, including a (possibly pre-Wogan) arrangement of Floral dance
  5. Sandy Smith

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    I realise this is an old thread but it caught my eye as I think it may be a track I had a hand in.

    It wasn't by chance "My Young Man" from an album called "Little Lights" ?

    Ther story behind it was that Kate contacted me ia few years ago to ask if I would be interested in providing a couple of brass arrangements for a forthcoming album.

    I jumped at the chance and she said one of the tracks was a song she had written called "My young Man" which she wrote in tribute to her gran who nursed her ex-miner grandad through emphysema which he developed while working as a miner.

    She sent me a cd of what had been recorded so far -at her home / studio near Penistone,Barnsley - and when I listened to it it was an unaccompanied melody,nothing else.She had already recorded it.

    My job was to provide an accompaniment for brass quintet to fit this melody from scratch.It wasn't as easy as it first appeared.

    The main problem was that,as folk singers do,Kate pulled the melody about keeping no regular pulse.
    The best solution I could come up with was to notate the tune as best I could complete with lyrics,harmonise it as I thought fitted the mood and produce for each player in the quintet - Richard Marshall,Alan Morrison,Nick Hudson,Shaun Crowther and myself a full score to read from with all the parts on to help to fit it together.

    The arrangement ended up with all sorts of unusual time signatures and multiple pauses.

    We arrived at her studio for the session and spent nearly an hour rehearsing with the already recorded voice track trying to get good ensemble on all the chord changes and rhythmic movement before recording it.

    I think the end result was worth it,indeed the song was nominated for original song of the year at the 2003 BBC folk awards although it was pipped by another of Kates' songs.
  6. ISBBBb2

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    is there anywhere to hear the music or better still is the music available?
  7. Sandy Smith

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    The track "My Young Man" is on a Kate Rusby CD entitled "Little Lights".

    Kate has a website

    As for the music it is sat in a filing cabinet in my study.I don't really know if it is feasible to do anything with it ?

    I still have the original unaccompanied vocal version she sent to me and it is easy to see the attraction in her voice.It has such a pure,haunting quality.
  8. dyl

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    I wouldn't call 8 hours old - guess it's been played recently again on R2 - so expect some more royalties to come through! ;)

    Seriously, thanks for the background info Sandy - made very interesting reading.
  9. ISBBBb2

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    your spot on. what a voice!! And shes a yorkshire lass too!
  10. nickjones

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    it works really well , if you check the brazz brothers website there are links to the work they have done with northumbrian folk singer Katherine Tickell , there was a show on BBC4 during the folk brittania season, really worth watching.
  11. brassneck

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    Nick, did you realise that you are the namesake of a well known English folk singer? (who plays great guitar too).

    Aye, Kate Rusby also tells good stories with her songs as well. My favourite folk/brass band number is Roy Harper's 'When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease' with Grimey backing him in the '70s.
  12. jamieow

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    I think you're correct there as my mate, Rich Evans (not that one!!) plays cornet for the Coldstreams and has been on tour with Kate Rusby fairly recently.
  13. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Hmmmm..... the amazon review states:
    "Tastefully employing accordions, citterns, banjos and mandolins, as well as Eddi Reader and members of the Grimethorpe Colliery Band"

    This must be some new definition of "Tastefully" as mine certainly wouldn't involve accordions and banjo's.

    Is a Cittern a folk instrument made from the carcass of a wading bird???
  14. BigHorn

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    Don't forget current folk super-group Bellowhead. They've got a brilliant Sousaphone/trombone/trumpet trio who play on most of their tracks.
  15. tubafran

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    I caught the end of a BBC comedy programme Jam & Jerusalem and the theme tune is sung by Kate Rusby on that too "The theme tune is a version of The Kinks' The Village Green Preservation Society sung by Kate Rusby, whose songs are also used as incidental music"

    Don't you just like the way she sings in a Yorkshire accent?
  16. ISBBBb2

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    Not that we're biased or owt!