Brass banders who work in (for) the NHS

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Simon_Horn, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Simon_Horn

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    With 1.2 million employees in UK, the NHS is something like the 3rd biggest employer in the come we don't have a brass band made up of NHS staff??

    There is a large high street bank in UK that have a band and the players get time off work (paid) to go and play 3 or 4 times per year with the band at various functions....perhaps we could organise something similar?

    So, if you work for the NHS - either directly or as a contractor - and may be interested in forming a new brass band then send me a message. If there is enough interest I will get the ball rolling :)

  2. joker66

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    I work for the NHS. I think it is highly unlikely that the NHS will allow staff to have time off for rehearsals. Staff availability within the NHS is extremely stretched, with study leave being cancelled to cover clinical shifts etc so without being too negative I think this is unlikely to happen.

    If it did, would be happen help with concerts etc if in the vicinity, but would not want to leave my current band.

  3. Red Elvis

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    Hi Simon- have dropped you a line via FaceBook.

    Liz above makes some very valid points , especially regarding clinical staff . But if it's at all do-able , I'd be interested !

  4. davidquinlan

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    So are we are going to see a doctor's and nurses band at whit friday, marching down the road to the theme tune from casualty with the bass drum on a gurney????

  5. kierendinno

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    I think it's a great idea! Being the biggest employer in Europe, there should definitely be the players in place to do it!! :)
  6. joker66

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    If it did, would be happen help with concerts etc if in the vicinity, but would not want to leave my current band.

    Have just re-read my response and noted that this did not make sense. It should read 'if it did, would be happy to help with concerts etc ...'

  7. Simon_Horn

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    hahaha - and you thought I was just being silly on Sunday you know I was serious!!
  8. Simon_Horn

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    Yes, i'll have a word with someone that would know. I know there are lots of shortages etc etc but the NHS does have some of the most family friendly terms going and with a big drive to increase retention, perhaps a NHS brass band would be something Trusts would be keen to promote.
  9. sophunk

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    I am def interested
  10. RobBari

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    You are correct to say that the NHS has an excellent "family friendly" policy, but this covers childcare etc. and does not extend to social activities. Many of my colleagues, ( I work in a very busy Microbiology dept) are currently finding it increasingly difficult to take time off due to staffing and work pressures, so the idea that Trusts will allow extra time for banding is unlikely.
  11. Cantonian

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    I would agree with that Rob.
  12. 7 of my band work for the NHS perhaps we should form the nucleus!