Brass band Willebroek LIVE on the radio (TODAY! 13 january)

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  1. Jan H

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    Later today, the current European champions, Brass band Willebroek, will be LIVE on Flemish national "Radio Klara" (the public radio station that focusses on classical music). the concert will start at 13:15 CET (or 12:15 British time) and it will be broadcasted from the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels.

    The broadcast can also be listened ONLINE at this website: -> click on the little headphone icon with the text "Luister Live" to open the radio player.

    The program will include a.o. Harlequin (Ph. Sparke), Reunion and Finale en English Heritage (G. Lloyd)

  2. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    the band sounded excellent. very nice to see a brass band in a line-up of all classical ensembles and orchestras (including the Flemish Radio Orchestra).

    The program they played was:

    - Intrade Ein Feste Burg (arr. Ray Farr)
    - English Heritage (George Lloyd)
    - Annie Laurie (solo: Walter Hoeks)
    - Reunion and Finale
    - Harlequin (Philip Sparke; solo: Stef Pillaert)
    - Jubilee (Paul Drury)
    - You Never Walk Alone