Brass Band wedding video

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    Great! My stepson just got married. Wish they had been there. Would have been a lot better than the DJ. What's ironic is, both he and his bride are in the U.S. Army band, and play euphonium.
  3. It's a lovely sound, but it either wasn't recorded at that wedding or it has been enhanced, including the substitution of at least one whole part - surely. I'd like to hear the sounds that were recorded at the event.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. The audio was recorded in a studio and the video was cleverly edited to match. We have lots of live videos on youtube but for the wedding promo we wanted the best images and the best audio to show what we can do
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    Quite right too! Well done.
  6. Well, whether it is so is debatable. As I said, it all sounded very nice. However, I'd still have liked at least for the instrumentation in the recording to have matched what was seen in the video.
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    How did the audio and video instrumentation differ?
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    I noticed a hi hat in the recording, and clearly none in the video. . .

    I think it's good for a bit of promotional material, however I think you guys sound better live, as there's more energy than you get from the studio sound.
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    Was a pleasure to see you perform at Skegness at the weekend! A great, entertaining band.